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Turbine has done screenshot competitions before and some stunning views have been submitted, but yesterday they posted a competition with a difference: if your screenshot gets chosen, it will be featured on the loading screen! This is a great prize, it ties in nicely and gives a reward that the people who take screenshots can honestly enjoy.

To enter the LOTRO Loading Screen Contest send your entry to with the subject line LOTRO Loading Screen Contest. One (1) entry per player per week.

All screenshots should be unedited, although cropping is allowed. The dimensions of the final screen will be 1024 x 512, so please bear this in mind when taking or cropping your screenshots.

All entries must be original and created and/or owned exclusively by the player submitting the screenshot.

The fly in the ointment is that once again the competition is limited to “legal US residents” only, for some bizarre reason. I suppose one day there will be enough lawyers clued into the Interweb to sort out sensible restrictions rather than panicking at the word “competition” but until then, I guess I’ll just pretend that I still live with my mom (don’t tell her, she’d be afraid that I might follow through!).

Still, it’s a neat idea; I like the idea of my hobbit going on a photography safari to see what she comes up with, although seeing some of the shots from the last competition, it’s going to be tough to compete.


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