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MMORPG Info Logo Danak Legion Faction and Rewards

The Legion of Danak controls the harbor in Jarsath Wastes, which put them in a considerable position of power. You’ll find the general amenities of the city in the Danak Shipyards, it is worth gaining their favor alone for the shopping and banking benefits in the Wastes.

There are two strongholds, with representatives of Danak at the Barricade in the western Badlands and south at Danak Shipyard. The faction questline actually starts with Agent Zhatia, who the Sel’Nok have asked you to speak to as a part of their questline. As with the other quests in Jarsath Wastes, you will require level 75 to start this quest line. The quests are fairly linear but there doesn’t appear to be chance of ending up out-of-synch that’s been seen with the Sel’Nok and Skleross. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Burned Woods

It has come to my attention that there are people who do not know the story of Burned Woods. The important thing to know is that there was a zone called Burning Woods, which was a part of Kunark in EQ1.

This took some time because the original thread got destroyed in a forum update and I found various versions floating around that are not quite what I remember the main version. Most seem to have the language cleaned up which – considering he bleeped out 90% of the swearing in the original, struck me as unnecessary. The main version seems to replace “a$$” with Halfling which is totally bizarre.

Luckily, I did find it eventually – on our guild forums. I should have looked there first. 🙂

This was originally was posted to EQNecros and the follow-up (by someone else) appeared on the thread about a week later.

So there I was…..minding my own business in The Overthere, when all of a sudden I see the message: “d00d sow plz”.
Of course, my natural instinct was not to answer, since I thought the clueless newb (hereafter referred to politely as “the petitioner”) must have been poorly informed at best.

Boy was I ever wrong. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Let It All Out

There’s something soothing about the confessional – admitting your sins and getting absolution from a stranger. WoW mages clearly have felt under some duress. Gompers started a simple thread entitled Mage Confessions:

I wait till the end of AB,EToS,WSG summons before i except, no table/AI for you!

I PoM sheep on trash pulls so everyone sees I’m the quickest poly in the raid.

10 pages go!

The bulk of the confessions seem to be about damage or sheep. Or both:

i keep my sheep button right next to my ap pom iv frostbolt, so people will always see how awesome i am on accident

Hungry fighters out there should be aware that a surprising amount of the admissions are about tables in battlegrounds:

I confess that when I put up a table in a BG, and it disappears within 3 seconds…

It’s really me clicking feverishly to get all my biscuits, then rapidly deleting them all. Then I blame it on the hunter, and tell everyone my CD is up.

And quite obviously, there isn’t a mage on the server who is truly out of reagents:

When people ask me for ports, I tell them I’m out of reagents, but I’ll be happy to port them if they go bring me one. The ones that actually do this, I give a port to. I usually end up with extra reagents, and a tip on top of it, which I just don’t understand.

Gompers wanted 10 pages. It hit that within 48 hours and the thread is now 26 pages, including this admission that any gamer can understand:

3. False excuses I’ve used to leave an instance:
a. Need to take mom to hospital.
b. Need to tuck kids in bed.
c. WIfe tells me to get off computer.

I dont have a mother, kids, or wife… take a hint 🙂

Apparently rogues and warlocks have started their own versions of the confessional. Luckily nonconsensual PvP is limited to Alliance vs Horde, else I suspect the next mage to claim he was out of reagents might get stabbed through the heart.

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MMORPG Info Logo Skleross Faction and Rewards

The Skleross are a separatist clan of the deadly Scorpikis, from which the hostile Durus also stem. Their encampment is located at the very far north of eastern Jarsath’s Waste in Traitors Pass. They have their own sokokar post at 800,-23,-1225 which connects to Stonehoof Badlands, Howling Stones and Skyfire. You’ll find the initial quest NPC, Lord Sheckt, sitting under a tent (which obscures his quest quill) at -795,-25,-1190. The encampment also includes a mender and a faction merchant.

The quest line is linear and, like the Sel’Nok faction line, should be completed roughly in order. Although you can start the Skyfire quests before ever speaking to Lord Sheckt, you will not get your final faction reward until you have completed the other quests in the Skelross series.



MMORPG Info Logo Twitter

I don’t tend to post links here unless there’s something exciting to say about them. I do have a twitter account though and when I find interesting links to do with gaming that don’t warrant a post, I post them there. I tend to do a link every day or two – if you want a constant influx of gaming posts then Digg is still your best bet.

Here’s the recent history (the last ten days) as an example of the type of thing you can expect to see on my twitter feed: [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo The Guild – Episode 7

Episode 7 of The Guild just went live for your viewing pleasure. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Pirates of the Caribbean Online has had bizarrely low-key marketing for a Disney game. As with any Disney game, you need to have enjoyed the films to really get into the game — but if you have a soft spot for Captain Jack Sparrow and his cohorts, this game should at least make you smile. Best thing of all, you can play for free! There are some minor limitations and you will get some in-game advertising (mainly telling you to upgrade for full screen mode) but it’s certainly totally playable.

Disney developers have made some weird assumptions (non-US readers, use [shift]-2 to get the @ symbol when asked for your email address) and when I started up it forced my monitor into 1024×768 pixels; changing to windowed mode didn’t initially fix this but a reboot and reload of the game seemed to get it right. They’ve also made a few unexpected decisions in terms of UI and key-interface but nothing game-breaking.

You only need to give basic details to sign up on the web for your account and then download the client. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo The Furious Pacifist – Introduction

I’ve made a new character on EQ2: Paxmar. She’s a bit different from my other alts in that she’s a pacifist: she won’t kill anything. Exploration, run-around quests, cataloguing is all good. But no hurting things and certainly murdering is not an option.

She’s also vegetarian but that’s pretty easy to deal with. She does need food and drink for regen when sprinting through aggro areas but she doesn’t have a weapon and she’s not particularly bothered about her armor. It’s oddly liberating not to be even thinking about spell upgrades.

She’s a gnome, because I thought the wild hair and glasses and serious look suited her. She’s a fury, simply so that I could make the pun in the title. Although having someone able to port will be useful, I have to admit.

She’ll be a tradeskiller – I’m not sure which tradeskill yet although obviously she won’t make weapons.

Paxmar at the Claymore Rally

She won’t help other people kill – healing in a group that is killing doesn’t make sense to me, although she would of course heal someone if she saw them hurting and not in the process of hurting someone else. She’s planning on doing a lot of traveling and book quests.

I’ll be posting irregularly about her progress to see how far I can get with a rabid pacifist gnome. I’ll also be doing an in-character version which will be fun … and will give me a chance to explain why she has two kills against her showing on EQ2players. Oops. :/

I’ve made a special category for “pacifist”, so if you only want to follow the adventures of Paxmar, you can get her updates by subscribing to her own personal feed.

First installment: The Isle of Refuge


MMORPG Info Logo What to do?

I had to go out of town (without a single computer!) the morning after Sony updated the servers with the Epic quests. In the week that I was away, Book 12 went live on Lord of the Rings Online, Erollisi Day was patched onto Everquest 2, and Star Wars Galaxies announced the Ewok Festival of Love.

I’m now safe and sound at home again and patching everything. I’m not sure where to start!

…but I’m sure you’ll forgive me if I leave the blog until Monday and get some gameplay in!

See you Monday! 🙂


MMORPG Info Logo Fast Travel Across Norrath

There are half a dozen fast travel options in EQ2 which can get you to various points on Norrath at the click of a button. These abilities have a 30 second cast time, so are not usable as an escape mechanism and have a one hour cooldown. Every character receives a call spell at the point of character creation but there are additional methods of teleportation in the game which can be earned. [More…]