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MMORPG Info Logo Jarsath Wastes Faction

There are three primary factions in Jarsath Wastes: Sel’Nok, Danak and Skleross. It is easily possible to gain ally with all of these factions through the quest lines alone; however you can also gain faction with each of these via killing NPCs with no negative faction. Each faction camp has a sokokar post, you can see the routes here.

You will find you are KOS to all three factions upon first entering Jarsath Wastes. Each faction has a preliminary quest outside of the main camp in order for you to gain enough faction to enter the camp safely.

The faction quests in Jarsath Wastes are not available until you reach level 75.



MMORPG Info Logo Beta Test Isengard

Here’s your chance to apply for the Isengard Test Server!

The Codemasters community officer posted to say that they are accepting applications for Turbine’s Isengard test server. The whole Codemaster/Turbine split is pretty confusing, to be honest. I didn’t see anything on the Turbine boards about this but as we aren’t allowed to post there (I received a nice mail from Turbine explaining that that was OK because Turbine customers couldn’t post on the Codemaster message boards either), I don’t really watch those boards.

Still, it looks very straight-forward to apply via Codemasters:



MMORPG Info Logo Faction in the Kunzar Jungle

When you initially enter the Jungle at the Jinisk camp, you will find you are KOS to all factions in the zone. There are seven primary factions which have extensive quest lines and access to a mender and faction merchant based on gaining ally status:

The primary factions all start KOS but each faction has a quest giver, generally stood just outside the faction area, who will offer you a quest to gain enough faction to enter the area. This is a solo quest in every instance, so you can be non-KOS to all factions without requiring a group. Once you have done the initial quest, you should have safe entry into the faction area, where you will find various quest-lines to continue faction, many of which include killing members of other factions. Each faction has a repeatable quest for 500 positive faction which you can use to regain faction lost.

To avoid yo-yoing, you may find it simpler to do a single faction at a time, especially if you are looking to gain the 40,000 required to buy items from the faction merchants.

Unlike Kylong Plains and Jarsath Wastes, you cannot get to amiable, let alone ally, with any of these factions through the standard quest lines: you will need to do repeatable quests or kill members of other factions in order to gain anything past kindly or warmly status.

Two of the camps have heroic quest lines: Synod Reet ask you to go into the dungeons of Sebilis and the Hidden Plunderer’s send you to the City of Mist. The repeatable quests are heroic and there are no solo mobs that can be killed to gain faction, thus gaining ally with either of these will require a group.

The Sathirians are not a primary faction and there is no means of gaining faction with them within this zone. You will lose faction with them whilst doing the primary faction questlines, however there doesn’t seem to be any detriment to this as you start out KOS anyway. This does not effect your faction in Jarsath Wastes.

Tynnonium Shackle In addition, there is the Tabernacle of Pain where the Swifttail Caste hold their temple training since the fall of Cabilis. The Swifttails offer a combination of quests and arena fights in order to gain titles and progressively better melee wrist items. The final quests in this line are heroic and involve the City of Mist. The final reward is the Tynnonium Shackle:

+36 str, +36 sta, +20 wis
+115 health +115 power
+400 vs heat +600 vs magic +400 vs mental +400 vs disease +400 vs poison
+3 deflection
+2 Damage Per Second
+2 Melee Crit Chance

Details of these factions are being added at a rapid rate, so be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter so that you don’t miss a trick. 🙂


MMORPG Info Logo Jinisk Faction and Rewards

The City of Jinisk is to the west of the wilds and inhabited by Iksar with more than their share of domestic issues. This is a particularly useful crowd to get faction with because they have a broker and a banker, which they will happily give you access to once they begin to think kindly of you.

There are quests in the City of Jinisk that require you to kill members of Ry’zilk’s Renegades, which is itself a faction with merchant rewards (including a very nice belt for tank types). Bear in mind that it is always possible to gain ally with all the factions in the Jungle via repeatable quests. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Bizarro YouTube

I think there might be something in the air at the moment. This morning I saw a link to this very weird Chinese real-life PvP game. I was still shaking my head and mumbling WTF to myself when I landed on a post with the somewhat slower paced WoW in Real Life in China piece. Just as I thought I might be recovering, someone else posted this Japanese Ronald McDonald dance flick.

I’m not clicking on any more Youtube links until morning! Maybe things will be back to normal then.


MMORPG Info Logo Jarsath Wastes Faction Items

The Kunark Faction Rewards have been updated to include the items from Jarsath Wastes. I think it’s worth taking another look to see if there’s anything you might like – there are some interesting pieces in this set.

This week I’ll be catching up on the faction guides, including the quests and rewards for the Tabernacle of Pain series and Clan Stormshield quest line.

So if you are looking to sort out your faction in Kunark, you should subscribe by email to make sure you don’t miss a trick.


MMORPG Info Logo Waving Not Drowning

I used to lose a lot of time trying to find my Fishbone earring so I could equip and click it for the Water Breathing effect. Then Sixes showed me that you could put it into a macro This technique works for any insta-cast item that requires equipping to cast. Sadly most casts are interruptable but this works a treat with the Fishbone earring.

Ctrl-o calls up the Socials interface where you can add and edit your macros. Go to the Macros tab and Click to Edit a free spot. Now, drag your Fishbone earring into the main area of the interface to add the command to equip it.



MMORPG Info Logo I won’t kill anyone … except you!

Noor the Pacifist had decided to level without killing. It’s an interesting idea – except that real people don’t count.

It looks like PvP is a huge part of your strategy. Do you foresee continuing to PvP the whole way up? I have to; the repeatable daily battleground quests are the only way to “grind” XP if you aren’t going to kill mobs (not counting the very slow repeatable seasonal quests that you can do each year).

Am I missing something here? I love the idea of playing a pacifist and only doing quests that are based on exploration or delivery. But somehow killing other players doesn’t fit in, for me.

Maybe I’m being overly cynical as it is right on the back of the Save the Virtual Whales post on GirlmeetsWoW – I really don’t understand how you can happily kill pixelated people and object to killing pixelated bears – especially when the cartoon bears are causing issues for the cartoon people who live in the cartoon village you are trying to get faction with.

I don’t know, maybe I need to get a grip.


MMORPG Info Logo It’s not youtube

*click* This is a just another channel — but it’s neat because it’s a gamer channel.

They are focusing on offering game videos. Are they aware that the huge majority of these videos are really really bad? Each video has a rating, based on the number of “likes”. I can’t help but think “Mikey likes it!” when I look at the videos. Am I showing my age?

We’ve spent the past several months developing a free client application that can record video from some of the most popular PC games. The WeGame client is tightly integrated with the site, so all it takes is a simple click of your mouse and your video is online for gamers around the world to watch.

There’s a logic to focusing on gaming although I’m sure major dilemmas are right around the corner! Is it OK if the video is from the game but the sound is from my ipod? Can I mash it with stills from my webcam? Should The Guild be on youtube or on WeGame?

Meanwhile, I’ve had a short clip in mind for ages – testing out their software gives me the perfect excuse.


MMORPG Info Logo Norrath Good Food Guide

I can’t help it, I love housing. My son asked me about it today, “Isn’t it just decorative? I mean, what is the point?” Like somehow killing a thousand orcs is more worthwhile. :/

Meanwhile, on the official boards, Gnobrin is looking for public houses:

There are a few hearty souls across Norrath that not only set up a home to be a bar or restaurant, but they actually open such a home to their fellow travellers! Do you know of any establishments like this on your server, a place where you can get a good bite to eat and maybe even get a talkin’ to by the waitstaff? If you know of such a place, or you run your own, let me know! I’d like to spotlight some hearty establishments with a write-up and screenshots of your hard work (and get a bite to eat and maybe throw back a drink, too).

Of course, I have a response:

EQ2 South Qeynos housing

Faymar’s Manor

If you are visiting South Qeynos on Blackburrow, you can’t afford to miss Faymar’s Haunted Mansion: a fun place for all the family! The restaurant and inn, established in the year 3700, have received Norrathian wide acclaim for their top rated cuisine and comfortable accommodation.

Just follow the yellow trail to 5 Erollisi Lane for good drinks, nightly barbecues and comfortable rooms available for the night. Find out why Qeynosians go out of their way to visit Faymar’s!