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Bathezid’s Watch is the fortress of the Di’Zok in the Fens of Nathsar. You’ll find their hidden encampment in the northwest of the zone. You will initially be KoS to the Watch but a single quest will gain you the faction required to enter their fortress and continue the quest lines there.

As you enter the Fens from Kylong Plain, you will see an upwards path to your right and a Di’Zok standing on the slope. Speak to him to gain your initial faction and begin your friendship with Bathezid’s Watch. Be sure to click on the sokokar post at 1154,207,1216 once you’ve reached the top of the hills.

Gaining Faction

Speak to Outrider Kelgyn for the quest Favor of the Di’Zok to gain your initial faction. This will get you access to the Bathezid’s Watch fortress up in the hills, where there are a number of other quest givers.

If you have a tradeskill above level 65, you can speak to Greeblentus in Teren’s Grasp for the New Lands, New Profits quest in Kylong Plains which will give you starting faction with Riliss and Bathezid’s Watch. This quest opens up the tradeskill writs available from Supply Sergeant Anuhadux at 1176,203,1430. You must bring T8 forages and fuel for your archetype (not just your specific tradeskill as the writs are not that specific) with you in order to fulfil these tradeskill writs which will give you 750 faction per writ. Once you have raised your faction up to -10,000 (negative indifferent), you can purchase your fuel from Wholesaler Le’Gauqs at home-town prices. You will need to do 59 writs in order to gain amiable faction in order to buy your recipe books. You can not reach ally status with the writs, Supply Sergeant Anuhadux will stop offering them to you once you’ve reached warmly status.

If you are able to do the adventurer quests, you’ll find this a much faster means of gaining amiable faction and the only possible route to ally. EQ2i has spoilers for the quests in the Bathezid’s Watch series.

As you continue working for Bathezid’s Watch, you will find some quests that require you to kill Riliss advancers and later their lieutenants. These give negative Riliss faction so you may wish to finish one faction quest line before beginning the others. The lost faction is minimal and easily recoverable so you do not need to avoid these quests: you can gain ally with all the factions in the Fens at the same time. Bathezid’s Watch is one of the simpler factions to gain favor with as they have a number of rewarding quests.

You can also gain faction through killing the Yha-lei at the Veksar ruins (be sure to pick up the Yha-lei Lore and Legend first) with no detriment to any primary Fens faction.

Benefits of Faction

After completing the initial quest, you’ll have unmolested access to the Bathezid’s Watch cliff-top fortress, along with use of their Sokokar post and mailbox.

Once you have achieved negative indifferent faction (-10,000) you will be able to use their merchants and menders. The merchants offer home-town pricing so you can safely sell your goods here without concern that you are being taken advantage of. Esli S’taks at 1209,203,1452 will repair your armor and weapons for you at home-town prices.

Once you’ve achieved amiable faction (10,000), you will find Advanced Recipe Books for levels 70-75 are available from Tac Ci’Toruen at 1198,203,1425 at a cost of 10g36s80c each. You can also purchase two sets of provisioner recipes: Di’Zok Provisioning Infusions and Di’Zok Provisioning Reductions. These are NO-TRADE, so you can not buy them for crafter friends nor alts: the crafter must gain the faction in order to purchase the books from the merchant himself.

You will also receive a new revive point at Bathezid’s Watch although the usefulness of this is limited, other than quick access to a sokokar to return to the battlegrounds.

Further recipes for each tradeskill become available at 20,000 and 30,000 faction for 12g96s each. See the Kunark Faction Recipes guide for more detail.

At 40,000 faction you will be able to purchase the following pieces from Tac Ci’Toruen at 1198,203,1425:

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