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The Bellywhumpers are the hardest faction to raise in the Fens of Nathsar, although that looks likely to change once Kurn’s Tower is patched in. Podcast 28 includes a strong hint from Jason Ryan that Epics (and thus Kurn’s Tower, we hope) will show up in Game Update 42. Unlike the other factions in this zone, the Bellywhumper camp is not KOS to start and you can travel to -2152,-294,-1375 and use the Sokokar post as soon as you are happy to cross the Fens.

Gaining Faction

There are around a dozen quests at the Bellywhumper camp which will get you to positive faction but fall well short of the 30,000 needed to do Burynai Order and the 40,000 needed to buy items from the Quartermaster.

Pulnil the Haggler offers a short questline where the initial three quests offer 5,000 faction and the fourth quest gives you a whopping 10,000 faction. The remaining quest from Pulnil (She Has the Answer) does not give additional Bellywhumper faction.

If you speak Serillian (requires a language quest in Steamfont), Gribs McDibbles will offer you The Bellywhumper Harvest, a repeatable quest which pays out 500 faction each time.

The Bonedigger burynai in the Field of Bone also give 25 Bellywhumper faction per kill. Once you have completed the quests in the Bellywhumper camp, you will have to kill a lot of Burynai and repeat the Bellywhumper Harvest quest repeatedly to increase faction.

It seems very likely that this faction will be much easier to increase once Kurn’s Tower is accessible. As the benefits at this time are not great, it may well be worth leaving this faction until that time.

Benefits of Faction

The Burynai Order quest requires you to have 30k faction to complete the quest. However, the current quest reward is 17 gold, which does not seem worth the effort of getting the faction unless you are interested in items for sale from the Quartermaster.

The merchants and mender become available to you to use as soon as you gain positive indifferent faction. The merchants, including the Quartermaster, do not offer full price when purchasing your goods, so you should avoid selling valuable items there. However, at -2176,-298,-1458 you will find Gruffles Furrybushels, who will mend at home-town prices, saving you a trip home if you’ve suffered a few losses at the hands of the Bonediggers.

Once you have achieved 40,000 faction, you can purchase the items in this table from Snuffles Skunkstripe, the Bellywhumper Quartermaster.

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