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The Sel’nok Brigade is the Di’zok faction in the Overthere area of Jarsath Wastes. You will meet Emissary Dih’ri when you first enter the zone who will offer you a quest, if you are level 75 or over, to gain faction with them.

The quests in the Jarsath Wastes have been designed linearly and should be completed in the rough order in which they are presented. In the case of the Sel’Nok, you should speak to the Emissary, then do the quests in the main camp in their cave in the Overthere, followed by the quests in the Scout Encampment in Skyfire.

It is possible to do all the factions in the Jarsath Wastes through questing alone unless you have done the Anda series of quests in Kylong Plains, which may cause you to need some minor faction repair through killing.

Gaining Faction

You must begin with the quests from Emissary Dih’ri at -1056,-83,-558 at the entrance of Jarsath Wastes. The initial quest gives 10,200 faction so that you are no longer KOS with the Di’Zok scouting the area. The second quest will send you to speak to Agent Zhatia at 395,5,-352, underneath the Iksar Hero Statue . She has the Heads or Tales quest for you to gain faction with the Danak. Although this is a separate (and somewhat opposing) faction, you need to do this quest in order to complete the Sel’nok Brigade faction quests.

Once you have helped him, the Emissary Dih’ri will inform you that Diviner De’Voch is ready to see with you. You can then move onto the quests in their camp at -926,-80,-980 where you will find quests from the Diviner, the Battlemaster and finally a quest from the Warlord. His quest will ask you to kill Danak Regimentals but the faction is easily recoverable with the Danak quests. There is no reason to avoid this quest.

Helping the NPCs in the camp will take you to positive indifferent faction with the Sel’Nok. Once you have completed these quests, the Warlord will offer you the quest Information Highway to speak to Agent Zhatia again. If you have completed her previous quest, she will offer you the quest What Was Lost and ask you to find the Sel’Nok Scout Encampment.

Selnok FactionThere is a further set of quests in the encampment which do not give faction. However, once you have completed the quests from Scout Nan’Dor, you’ll be asked to report back to the Warlord who will thank you for your efforts with a reward of 50,000 faction: instant ally.

Note you will not be offered the quest to report to the Warlord simply by completing the quest line in the Scout Encampment, you must have already completed the Sel’Nok series in the Overthere. You should be sure to complete this questline before moving on to Skyfire.

There should be no need to kill for faction, however if you have ended up short, you can kill iksar insurgents for positive Sel’Nok faction. These are found in the area between Traitor’s Pass and Venril’s Crown.

Benefits of Faction

Once you have completed the quests in the caves (that is, gained positive faction with the Sel’Nok brigade) you will find they are willing to conduct business with you. The Sel’Nok Brigade Quartermaster Mirg Nel’Ron, located at -989,-68,-989, will offer you full price for your goods. Nor Ver’Kiel will mend your armor at home-city prices and will also purchase your items at full price. Thus once you have positive faction with the Sel’Nok, there is no reason to leave Jarsath Wastes to sell and mend.

Every faction in Jarsath Wastes has one piece of the Warp Hammer for sale. The Legendary Hammer Claw is available from Mirg Nel’Ron for 1g20s once you have 40,000 faction with the Sel’Nok. You will need all three parts in order to create the Warp Hammer, which offers swift travel to Kunark.

The Battlemaster’s Roquelaure and the Strand of the Battlemaster can be purchased from Mirg Nel’Ron with 30,000 faction. The other items that he has on offer require 40,000 faction to purchase.

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Be sure to check all the faction rewards to make sure you are getting the best item before spending your hard-earned plat!

You need to get all of the Jarsath Wastes factions to ally to get your very own Overthere Hammer.


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