MMORPG Info Logo Book 12 on Roheryn for Preview

Book 12 is now on the Roheryn preview server and the patch notes read like a novel! The Ashen Wastes is the name of this update and it is not just a tweak. Various aspects have already been discussed in the Developer Diaries:

Angmar is undergoing a complete revamp.

Burglars gain new skills, tanking is improved for Guardians and Champions get a second pass. Hunters, Lore-masters and Minstrels also have some minor changes so it’s well worth taking a look at the detailed notes.

Yesterday a new diary was posted with a write-up on the long-awaited Outfit System which will allow you to have three outfits. The first is your current look, determined by your actual equipment. The other two will be customisable as of level 20 with any items that your character can wear (no lore-masters in heavy armour) and can be used to override your current equipment visuals unless you are in the PvMP areas.

The dev diary also discusses barbershops, which will allow you to change hair style, colour and facial hair. Book 12 will also see new hair styles being added for all races and genders.

As expected, Troll and Ranger session play is coming back and PvMP players will have a new dungeon to explore, the Ettendeep.

Housing gets a touch up with the ability to rotate furniture in our houses and guild halls. Some new items will become available for decorating. And we’ll be able to light candles! The Reputation systems have been tweaked a bit and I’m hoping maybe the rewards will be a bit better balanced (there should be a benefit to having Mathom House to Ally!)

There are a lot of small fixes all over the game. It sounds silly but one of the simple changes that I’m really looking forward to is the ability to always auto-loot corpses and containers rather than having to hold down the shift key. And for solo kills you’ll also be able to loot bind-on-acquire items without having to confirm that yes, you really do want it. Hurray!

There’s a lot of other minor changes to the crafting professions, someone has done a clean-up of the recipes, by the looks of it. The changes look sensible to me although I’ve not done most of the crafts (yet!).

Read the full patch message for the details although you should remember that this is only for the preview server and subject to change before going live. You can find out more on the Roheryn message boards or update the Roheryn client for Book 12 and take a look for yourself. Apparently it’s not currently possible to download the full client.

But … what happened to hobbies? What happened to fishing?! Am I really going to have to wait until Book 13 for my hobbit to find fulfillment she’s been missing since EQ1?

Book 12 will bring the Spring Festival along with it and I really am looking forward to this update but I sure do hope they get fishing in soon!


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