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There are three primary factions in Jarsath Wastes: Sel’Nok, Danak and Skleross. It is easily possible to gain ally with all of these factions through the quest lines alone; however you can also gain faction with each of these via killing NPCs with no negative faction. Each faction camp has a sokokar post, you can see the routes here.

You will find you are KOS to all three factions upon first entering Jarsath Wastes. Each faction has a preliminary quest outside of the main camp in order for you to gain enough faction to enter the camp safely.

The faction quests in Jarsath Wastes are not available until you reach level 75.

When you enter Jarsath Wastes, you’ll find Emissary Dih’ri at -1057,-82,-555 with the initial quest to gain Sel’Nok faction and start their quest line.

The Emissary’s quest sends you travelling around the area and brings you in contact with other quest NPCs. When you travel to the Iksar Hero Statue, you’ll find Agent Zhatia who will offer you the Heads or Tales quest which pays out in Danak faction to the tune of 31,500. At the Skleross camp, you’ll find Lord Sheckt inside a tent (which can obscure the quill showing that he has a quest) offering you the quest A Grave Job for 15,750 faction. In every instance you will find the starter quests gain you enough faction so that you can enter the camps without the locals trying to kill you on sight. As you gain faction with each camp, you’ll gain access to their menders and merchants and, in Danak, a banker and a broker.

Each faction merchant has one section of the Overthere Hammer for sale to those who have ally faction. Once you have ally with all three factions and have purchased all hammer parts, you can construct the Worker Sledgemallet which has a proc to port you back into Jarsath Wastes from any location. This is useful as you can melee any mob (preferrably grey for some of us!) to gain fast travel to Kunark.

The Anda quest line in Teren’s Grasp reduces Jarsath faction so you may find you need to recover a bit of faction to reach full ally. For each faction, you can kill mobs which offer positive faction only:

Every faction in Kunark has its own set of rewards which can be purchased from the faction merchant. We’ve collected the full set of Kunark faction rewards so you don’t have to waste time gaining faction just to find out who sells what.

There is a further faction in Jarsath Wastes, Clan Stormshield, which is gained via a specific quest line and once completed, the brothers will offer you a very nice selection of items to choose from.


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