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I can’t help it, I love housing. My son asked me about it today, “Isn’t it just decorative? I mean, what is the point?” Like somehow killing a thousand orcs is more worthwhile. :/

Meanwhile, on the official boards, Gnobrin is looking for public houses:

There are a few hearty souls across Norrath that not only set up a home to be a bar or restaurant, but they actually open such a home to their fellow travellers! Do you know of any establishments like this on your server, a place where you can get a good bite to eat and maybe even get a talkin’ to by the waitstaff? If you know of such a place, or you run your own, let me know! I’d like to spotlight some hearty establishments with a write-up and screenshots of your hard work (and get a bite to eat and maybe throw back a drink, too).

Of course, I have a response:

EQ2 South Qeynos housing

Faymar’s Manor

If you are visiting South Qeynos on Blackburrow, you can’t afford to miss Faymar’s Haunted Mansion: a fun place for all the family! The restaurant and inn, established in the year 3700, have received Norrathian wide acclaim for their top rated cuisine and comfortable accommodation.

Just follow the yellow trail to 5 Erollisi Lane for good drinks, nightly barbecues and comfortable rooms available for the night. Find out why Qeynosians go out of their way to visit Faymar’s!

The bar

The Bar

Our bartenders are specially trained to make deadly cocktails to soothe the most savage heart. You are more than welcome to simply pop in and have a drink, even if you don’t have a dinner reservation. We’d love you to pop by for our Unhappy hour which starts at 11pm every night of the week! Or listen to the pianist in the cocktail lounge where dinner guests receive free aperitifs.

When you are ready for your meal, simply pass through the archway where there will be someone happy to seat you.

The Restaurant

The Restaurant

You can always count on a friendly welcome at Faymar’s Mansion! Come right on in and grab a table.

Our restaurant prides itself on good food and comfort with seasonal specialities and a friendly service. But we understand that not all our customers like variety, and thus we offer a special simple menu year round for those who like to know what they are in for.

Ask your waiter about our year-round special offers available for senior citizens.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen

A good hearty meal is always available at Faymar’s Mansion. The kitchen is where the heart is and here at Faymar’s, we pride ourselves on our commitment to fresh ingredients.

Every morning, we visit the best Qeynos merchants for the freshest goods available this side of Antonica. Faymar will only allow local produce and freshly slaughtered meat to be used in the kitchens to make sure that her guests get the most out of every meal.

The Inn

The Inn

We have a variety of rooms to accommodate all levels of tourists. Our two-room suites are exceedingly comfortable and many have an optional games area available upon request, with a slight additional payment. All suites have an excellent view over the Qeynos moat.

Ratonga roomStain removal is included in the price of all of our double rooms and suites.

Special rooms, regretfully without windows, are available for the smaller guests upon request. Whatever your race, we are sure to have a special place for you.

Leisure Room

Leisure Facilities

We have special facilities available for our more discerning customers, including an academic area for gnomish studies, complete with ambient music, relevant reading material and top quality liqueurs. Faymar’s Mansion is renowned for a special attention to detail and a real desire to please. Faymar’s Mansion has won various accolades and the Sages’ Guild has cited us as “Most Exciting Place to Stay in Qeynos” for the past three years.

The InnAs our guest, you’ll find our comfort and attention to detail second to none. Staff is constantly on hand, should you need a hand. Room service is available twenty-four hours a day with small snacks and titbits.

Leisure Activities

Fun for all the family!

In addition, we offer special events for special weekend get-aways! We hold treasure hunts and gold digging activities on every weekend, just let reception know that you would like to take part! Our special event banquets are very popular and ballroom dancing takes place in the basement every third sunday of the month. For more information on any of these events, see our website. The Qeynos guard can contact directly for VIP tickets.


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