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These goblins have been exiled from the Temple of Droga because of their insistence on using magic and are now camped out near the Mines of Nurga in the Fens of Nathsar. This is a straight-forward faction to get up in a group since almost every mob in the Nurgan mines gives positive faction. You can do the quest lines and then go on a killing spree and find yourself ally with them fairly quickly. Tinkerist Nalzie quests can be a bit difficult if you are solo, due to the number of mobs and fast respawn in the mine and killing for faction will clearly take longer. The other quests in this camp are all easily solo’d in your low 70s and will gain you most of the benefits available at the camp.

Travel to the Drogan Exile Camp at -660,-200,-1235 and be sure to add the Sokokar post to your travel routes if you haven’t already. As you can only get 25 faction per Nurgan kill, it is worth doing all the quests available in this area in order to get your faction up as quickly as possible. There are numerous quest givers (don’t miss the giant in the northern building) who all offer quests at the same time so you can do them together. The quests are in the Mines of Nurga and in and around the Field of Bone. There is a path northwest of the camp that leads up to the Mines of Nurga (if you reach the Ruins of Cabalis post, you have missed the turn-off) and the camp is connected to the Field of Bone by a single hop on the Sokokar. I have linked to the walk-throughs on which I can confirm are all detailed and correct.

Gaining Faction

Tinkerist Nalzie has a set of four quests in the Nurgan Mines which give 25,000 faction in total. Tinkerist Glazid has two quests for another 10,000 faction.

The Goblin Revenge quest also takes place in Field of Bone, so be sure to pick up the quest from the small notice at -601,-204,-1302 near the door of the goblin building. This gives you the quest to kill the named scorpikis Thazolu in return for 10,000 faction.

Stomps sends you to collect scales and Exploragist Zokil wants you to collect shards and both pay out with 5,000 faction. Once you’ve completed all of these you should be sitting pretty, especially with the additional faction from killing the Nurgan mobs.

These quest lines and killing Nurgans in the line of duty got me to warmly (over 30,000) with the camp. The final 10,000 faction for ally can be gained in and around the mines. All goblins outside and most goblins inside of the mines offer 25 faction each. The Nurgan mineguards come in groups of three and are two down arrow, they were the most efficient per kill but are slow to respawn. There is no benefit to gaining more than 40,000 faction with the Exiles of Droga.

Benefits of Faction

Faction with the Exiles of Droga will give you access to the local mender and merchant as well as a convenient revive point. Threep Woodguy at -590,-202,-1324 will offer you full pricing (that is, equivalent to your hometown) after just a quest or two, so you can sell off your goods there without losing money.

The mender was available to me at -14,000 faction with Exiles of Droga, unlike other factions, you do not need to be positive. I suspect that this kicks in once you reach apprehensive faction.

As soon as you reach positive numbers with the Exiles of Droga faction, you will gain a new revive point near their camp. This is especially useful for suicidal missions into the Mines of Nurga.

At 40,000 faction, you can purchase armor pieces from Threep Woodguy at -590,-202,-1324. Note there is also a “Quartermerchant” in the camp who is not the faction merchant. Ignore the goblin outdoors and go into the building at -601,-204,-1302 to speak to Threep.

Name Level Type Slot Mit Stats Hlth/Pwr Resists Effect Cost
Plate Gauntlets
72 Plate Hands 457 +25 str
+15 sta
+30 wis
100 health
110 power
900 disease
600 poison
+2 crushing
+1 Attack Speed Recovery
Drogan Band of Blasting 70 Finger +15 sta
+16 agi
+30 int
60 health
130 power
949 disease
584 poison
Concussive Blast 5p39g13s60c
Centered Cuffs of
72 Leather Hands 257 +32 str
+25 sta
+15 agi
100 health
100 power
975 disease
600 poison
Drogan Fingermajigger 69 Finger +10 sta
+30 wis
+20 int
100 health
130 power
612 divine
972 disease
+2 disruption
+15 spell damage
Gearzerker’s Wristband 69 Wrist +36 str
+30 sta
+10 agi
105 health
130 power
972 heat
612 poison
+1 Attack Speed 5p39g13s60c
Quickening Drogan Gearing 69 Ear +25 sta
+5 agi
+34 wis
120 health
100 power
972 mental
612 disease
+2 defense 5p39g13s60c
Washer-ring of the
Drogan Scout
69 Finger +20 sta
+30 agi
+15 wis
125 health
105 power
612 divine
972 disease
+2 parry 5p39g13s60c

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