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MMORPG Info Logo Back Soon

We’ll be firmly stuck in the real world for the next two weeks, flying around to visit family.


Enjoy the rest of the year and we’ll see you in 2009!


MMORPG Info Logo Tradeskill Mission Basics

(Everything you wanted to know about Far Seas tradeskill missions but were afraid to ask)

First you must have completed the Ship Out quest line in the Moors of Ykesha. This serves as an introduction to the Far Seas representatives in Mara (and also means you can not take part in the tradeskill missions unless you own The Shadow Odyssey expansion). See our Mission Quick Start Guide for details on this quest and quick links to quest spoilers.

Once you have completed the quest line, you will find that the representatives of the Far Seas Trading Company Supply Division in the Village of Shin (near the docks) have quests for you.

Madria Varas at -85,2,104 offers daily tradeskill missions aimed at a group. There are four missions in three separate locations: Firemyst Gully, the Shipyard Cove, the Clockwork Workshop and the Palace of the Ancient One. You do not need to bring ingredients nor fuel: everything is provided in the instance. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Free Browser Games for Christmas Cheer

What can you do when you are stuck at your parents with hours to kill until the next meal and only an ancient PC for company? Take a break from the MMOs and play browser games, of course. There’s a lot of fun, free games out there which can keep you distracted – maybe you can even introduce Aunt Mabel to computer gaming.

In the spirit of giving, I’ve spent the day playing mediocre games so that you don’t have to! Here’s my top ten seasonal browser games with a variety of gameplay so that you can quickly find a favorite. Now grab a glass of mulled wine and get playing. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo The Best of Frostfell

Frostfell is coming and the geese are getting patched!

Yes, Frostfell has come to Norrath with new quests and beautiful house items and even a one-of-a-kind collection!

FrostfellYou can access the Frostfell Wonderland Village from any of these locations:

  • Qeynos Harbor
  • West Freeport
  • Haven
  • Kelethin
  • Neriak
  • Gorowyn

Be sure to speak to Santa Glug for your daily gift!

Presents! The second-best thing about Frostfell.

December 11 Patch Notes:

Happy Frostfell, Norrath! Gigglegibbers and Frostfell elves are busy celebrating the season in each player city with tasks and stories for everyone. And those that want an even more concentrated amount of Frostfell festivities are encouraged to enter the Frostfell Wonderland Village through the Magic Closets in Qeynos Harbor, West Freeport, Haven, Kelethin, Neriak and Gorowyn. Here you can gather presents to craft wondrous new Frostfell goodies, add to your collections while ducking snowballs, purchase new and classic Frostfell goods, and even assist Mr. McScroogle, Queen Bunny and the innocent Snarf Frostfoot with some important tasks. Don’t forget to log in each day and claim your extra-special Frostfell present from everyone’s favorite Frostfell Gigglegibber, Santa Glug!

We interrupt this post for a small dose of Bah Humbuggery:

The worst bit of Frostfell is the snowballs. I don’t mind getting battered and I have to admit the knockback effect on ice is quite amusing. But what really upsets me? That I apologize every time someone else hits me with a snowball. Call me old-fashioned, but I still believe in basic role-playing manners and it really annoys me when someone else is able to force a reaction out of me. Beyond that, it simply makes no sense. You hit me with a snowball, why am I saying sorry?

On the bright side, Frostfell seems to bring out the best in the storytellers and this year is no exception. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Real Money Trading in the Everquest Games

Station Cash

The headline says “FUND…SHOP…ADVENTURE!” The latest twist in Everquest and Everquest II is the ability to purchase Station Cash which can be used to buy “premium in-game items”. The marketplace offers bonus experience potions, equipment, and house pets.

Real Money Trading has come to the Everquest games.

For Sale

Items can be purchased on the market place now. Bonus potions for all three types of experience (AA, Adventure and Tradeskill), pets and outfits for the appearance slots are the initial offerings. The station cash and the items purchased with it are all NO-TRADE.

Patch Notes

Hotfix December / 9 / 2008

Station Cash is a new virtual currency from SOE that has been created to allow for the purchase of premium in-game items within EverQuest II.

To get started, access the "Marketplace" from the EQII Window within the game. Click on the "Add Funds" button to purchase Station Cash to fund your wallet and then select items to purchase.

Official Information

Station Cash Overview

For beginners getting started, veterans leveling up, players starting alts, or anyone trying to get more out of the game, using SC to purchase in-game items is for everyone. The items available offer new and experienced players alike convenience, customization and fun while providing a unique gameplay experience. Convenience items include potions of various types, from health to experience boosts. Several appearance packs in various armor types make up the customization category. Then for fun, we offer a selection of pets for your house or as travel companions.

Station Cash FAQ

What is Station Cash?
Station Cash is Sony Online Entertainment’s new virtual currency that players can buy to fund a virtual wallet. Once a wallet has been funded, Station Cash can be used to purchase premium in-game items through the in-game Marketplace in EverQuest® and EverQuest® II.

Consumer Protection?

This line in the terms and conditions is a bit of a handful:

You agree that SOE retains the unfettered right to modify its games and all aspects of characters, items, points and coin, including Station Cash (collectively, “Virtual Goods”) therein. You acknowledge that SOE has been, is, and will be constantly making changes to its games. You further acknowledge that SOE can and will, in its discretion, modify features, functions or abilities of any element of any of its games or any Virtual Goods (which may, among other things, make the Virtual Goods substantially more valuable, effective or functional, or less valuable, effective or functional, more common or less common, or eliminated entirely). You acknowledge and agree that all Virtual Goods represent a limited license right governed by the terms of this Agreement, and are not redeemable for any sum of money or monetary value from SOE at any time.

But once you simplify it, you are left with the following statement:

“You … acknowledge that SOE can … modify … any Virtual Goods … which may, among other things, make the Virtual Goods … less valuable … or eliminated entirely.”

That means SOE can change them or even delete them out of your inventory and you have no right to a refund. Do they mean that? They sure do:


Veteran’s Reward

Sixes received this little bonus in his email:

As a faithful subscriber we want you to be among the first to enjoy this amazing new game enhancement. With that in mind, we are funding your in-game wallet with 150SC so that you can jump right in and experience item sales now.

That’s a dollar fifty right there, enough for a basic potion and a half … or an electrically charged slimy ooze for your house with change left over.

Of course, there’s nothing you can buy for 50SC so if you want to spend all of your free gift, you’ll have to buy some more – at a minimum of five dollars per purchase. Which … leaves you with 50SC left over again. Taunting you. Forever.

On the other hand, they haven’t mailed me. The whole thing is probably a gnome conspiracy. *sigh*


MMORPG Info Logo Far Seas Faction Merchant

The Far Seas Trading Company base in the Village of Shin has a whole set of rewards which you can purchase using tokens and gold once you have enough faction.

The rewards are sold by Koros Splinterlimb, the Far Seas Company Supply Division Merchant. He’s standing at the bar at -92,-2,103 near the Mara docks.

His items, with the exception of the stones, all require a minimum level of faction to purchase. The purchase price consists of Far Seas Trading Company Tokens (rewarded through missions) and gold. Many items also have a minimum tradeskill level to equip or use.


Mount Faction Tokens Cost Level Speed Harvest Skill
Appaloosa pack horse whistle 20,000 5 3p68g64s00c 1 40% 14.3
Hillrunner pack horse whistle 30,000 5 3p68g64s00c 1 48% 24
Palomino pack horse whistle 30,000 5 3p68g64s00c 1 48% 24
Pack unicorn whistle 40,000 10 3p68g64s00c 1 50% 48

Jewelry Sets

Each tradeskill class has a jewelry set which can be purchased from the faction merchant.

The sets consist of a Bangle, Signet Ring and Torque. You require 20,000 faction to purchase the jewelry.

Purchase price (per piece):
5 tokens, 2g07s36c

+6 STR +1 STA +1 AGI +1 WIS +1 INT
+175 vs heat
+5 to named tradeskill

Thus the Artificer’s Bangle gives +5 to Artificing, the Fletcher’s Bangle gives +5 to Fletching, etc.

If you equip all three pieces of the set, you receive a set bonus of insight for your class, which increases your tradeskill XP gain by 3%

These are different from the dropped jewelry in the mission instances in two respects. The dropped items of jewelry have 200 heat resist as opposed to 175 and the set of three items offers an inspiration bonus which increases to your critical success chance by 5%.


There are three toolbelts for sale.

Name Faction Tokens Price Level
Artisan’s Toolbelt 20,000 4 34g88s32c 65
Crafter’s Toolbelt 30,000 5 37g32s48c 75
Tradesman’s Toolbelt 10,000 3 16g58s88c 55

Each of these toolbelts has a matching dropped earring with which to make a set. The bonus for wearing both pieces of the set is a form of “Tools of the Trade” offering a durability increase.

Tradesman’s Toolbelt and Earring: increases durability by 5%
Artisan’s Toolbelt and Earring: increases durability by 7%
Crafter’s Toolbelt and Earring: increases durability by 9%

The toolbelts all have the same stats:
+4 str +4 sta
+5 Fishing, Foresting, Gathering, Mining, Trapping.

Thus, there is no reason to upgrade until you have the matching earrings.



MMORPG Info Logo Just Can’t Get the Staff

There is so much to do in Kingdom of Loathing, how does the busy adventurer fit it all in? They get help, of course!

Every household can use a helping hand to make things run a little smoother. Now that you have someplace to sleep, it’s time to look at getting your campground looked after so that you can enjoy a life of leisure.

Obviously, having intelligent but pliable staff is optimal, which is why we recommend you start by creating brainy skulls to attack to the body of your choice.

Brainy Skulls

Brainy Skulls are crafted by combining a smart skull with a disembodied brain.

First: you need access to the Misspelled Cemetary in the Nearby Plains.

If it is not on your map, you need to visit your guild and click on the person who is the opposite class to you to receive the quest The Wizard of Ego.

Adventure here to collect smart skulls from a Smart Skelton. If you enter the Misspelled Cemetary with a ten-leaf clover equipped, you will receive the Only Dust and a Plaque encounter which rewards with a smart skull. If you have completed the quests in The Cyrpt, you can get both a smart skull and a disembodied brain by taking a ten-leafed clover to the Misspelled Cemetary.

Disembodied brains are dropped by Brainsweepers in Fernswarthy’s Tower in the Nearby Plains.

If this is not on your map, you will need to adventure in the Misspelled Cemetary until you receive a grave robbing shovel, an uncommon drop by grave robers in the cemetary, need not be equipped. Once you have that, adventure until you get A Grave Mistake as an encounter. This encounter rewards the letter which give access to Fernswarthy’s Tower. Take them back to your guild, read the letter and then speak to the quest giver again to recieve Fenworthy’s key. Fenworthy’s Tower will be added to the Nearby Plains.

Note that the Brainsweepers do not always drop a disembodied brain. If you are impatient, then enter the Tower Ruins in Fenworthy’s Tower with a ten-leafed clover and you’ll receive the I’ve Gotta Crow encounter and receive a disembodied brain.

Combine the smart skull with the disembodied brain to create a brainy skull.

Meat Maid

The meat maid keeps your campsite nice and tidy which results in your receiving four additional adventures every night. To create a meat maid, you will need a meat engine, just like you created for the Bitchin’ Meat Car.



MMORPG Info Logo Lore and Legend: Boarfiend

Our Lore and Legends Quest reference is completely up-to-date with the addition of the Boarfiends Mastery tome as a part of the Shadows of Odyssey expansion.

The Lore and Legend Mastery tome for Boarfiends can be found deep in the boar caves in the Moors of Ykesha.

If you take the balloons from the UJL point to Firmroot Moot, you’ll find you pass straight through the Boar Caves and you can jump off at a quiet point. Otherwise, take the balloon from Firmroot to the Boar Caves and make your way through the network of caves to 1585,457,10. None of the Nuknoks en route appear to see through invis so it is a safe and easy trip for high level adventurers.

Travel through the caves to the room with Chieftain Puggot where you will see a huge bonfire with a clickable option to search through the embers. Note that doing so will break invisibility but it is quite possible to stand such that none of the surrounding Nuknok’s will aggro.

You’ll find the Mastery Tome The Least of Brell’s Creatures which explains that the creation of the Boarfiends was simply the result of drunken inspiration which would never have seen the light of day, had Bristlebane not intervened on their behalf. This is the level 70 Lore and Legend quest for boarfiend mastery.

There are an abundance of boarfiends in the Moors of Ykesha ranging from mid- to high-70s.

The lowest level boarfiends are the enslaved warboars in Runnyeye Citadel. There are a few ranging from level 32-34 at the initial tunnel and then a few groups of heroic level 34-35 warboars in the room at -85,1,-69. Further heroic savage warboars can be found by wandering the deeper tunnels.


MMORPG Info Logo Red Shinies in Greater Faydark

Game Update 50 has added two new red shiny collections for tradeskillers who have completed their epic. These red glowies are only visible to those wearing an Earring of the Solstice and can only be found in very specific areas.

Our Red Shiny Collections for Tradeskillers guide has been updated to include these brand new collections, making for a total of eight collections available to tradeskillers.

The two new collections are both in Greater Faydark.

The Tradeskill: Faydwer Flowers collection is a set of six flowers which can be found around the nursery in Greater Faydark. This is the newbie area for Kelethin in the far north of the zone. Standard collection glowies do exist here but are not that common, so it can be beneficial to use a gnomish divining rod. There appear to be two red shinies up at any given time and they can range from the entrance to the nursery area to the beach. There are low level aggro mobs around the pond and the edges of the zone, so tradeskillers without adventure levels should take care.

The reward is a house item that will light up your home in the most enchanting way.

The Tradeskill: Tunare’s Glade Leaves is fairly self-explanatory for a change. You’ll be collecting six leaves in Tunare’s Glade, a small area on the south side of Greater Faydark – almost a direct vertical line down from the nursery. Finding sparklies here can be frustrating because of the curvature of the leaves and the vines covering the ground. Standard collection glowies are common here, making the Gnomish Divining Rod less useful unless you happen to be looking for the tier 2 grub and forest beetle collections as well. Mobs in this area are non-aggro so there is no danger to tradeskillers roaming the area as long as they remain within the glade.

The reward is a house item which makes artistic use of the leaves which you have collected.


MMORPG Info Logo Quick Start Guide for Crafting Missions

Tradeskill missions! What a great concept, group up with your friends and craft together towards a common goal. There are combines required from all the different tradeskill classes, which means that although you don’t need every type of crafter with you, it will go a lot faster if you do. A full group with a mixture of crafting classes can get through the mission in under an hour, whereas attempts to solo it with a single tradeskill class reportedly takes about 4 hours.

Getting a group of crafters together isn’t quite as hard as people once thought, as the tradeskill epic showed us, but before you can go on a mission, you have to have introduced yourself to the the Far Seas Traders via a series of quests on the Moors of Ykesha.

To that end, here is a quick and simple step-by-step guide to getting faction fast in order to take part in the missions. If you are looking for more detailed information, I can recommend Denmother’s reference over at EQ2 Traders Corner for a thorough look at the expansion and changes. Meanwhile, here’s the quick version for those of you who just want to get going.

Travel to the Moors of Ykesha

You’ll need to take a carpet to Sinking Sands and travel to the D.I.R.T.Y. Excavation Site. To get to the landing point, you can climb the wall at -1389,-227,-665 or take the elevator at -1420,-228,-770.

Wait for the Skystrider airship which will take you to the overland zone Moors of Ykesha. There is also a spire, so if you know a friendly sorceror, you can skip the airship and go directly to the zone, although it seems a shame to miss the view.

Once you’ve arrived there, pop by the druid ring at 1760,450,980 and harvest the bush so that you can take advantage of druid portals in the future.

A Cannon to Sail By

Now you should ensure that you can travel back and forth between the Dropship Landing Zone and the rest of the Moors by gaining cannon access. You will need either adventure level 72 or tradeskill level 50 in order to do this quest. [More…]