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The Rise of Kunark has introduced three new languages to Norrath which must be quested as a two-stage process. For each language, you must first collect the pages from a mysterious tome. The page locations are all static. Once you have collected the pages, you can hand them to a collector NPC who will give you a book in return. Reading the book will give you a quest to find the owner, who will in turn send you on quests to help him. Once you have helped the owner of the book, you will gain the basics of the language.

You must speak Sathirian to do the repeatable quest for Riliss faction at the Ruins of Cabilis. The heroic quest For a Few Coins More (part of the Fists of Metal sequence) requires someone in the group to speak Di’zokian.

There is a full write-up for each tome and the resulting quests on MMORPG Info so it is quick and easy to gain these languages:


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