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Something is in the air at the moment and Sony just can’t seem to stay out of the public eye. Smed has had to work overtime, including phoning and posting on fan sites to get the word out.

First, we had major drama when the news broke that an Everquest2 guild on test were transferred to a live server, against policy, along with prize bits of gear and a bit of guild leveling thrown in. There is a recap of the thread over at

It’s a safe assumption that a SOE employee or several are members of Unhallowed Triad / Unholy Trinity. Perhaps SOE needs to establish an Internal Affairs Team to help safeguard, and retain transparency and openness with their playerbase.

Then, in a follow-up to the Live Gamer announcement about legitimising Real Money Trading, Smed appears on eq2flames to discuss Sony and RMT:

We aren’t going to be allowing RMT in any way, shape or form on the non-exchange enabled EQ II servers. Period. End of statement. If we catch people, we ban them and have been for a long time now. The truth of the matter is it’s very difficult to combat them, but we have people at SOE who fight the good fight each and every day. In the near future you’re going to see us becoming a lot more public about this then we ever have been. I think we’ve done a bad job at communicating just how seriously we take this fight.

Just as it seemed like the dust might settle, The India Times reported that Zapak was set to buy out Sony Online for $300mn and the news spread like wildfire in the short amount of time that it took SOE to get people out there to say SOE: not being sold and we have no idea how this story got started.

Saddened to find that there was no reason to panic, players are trying to justify the existence of the runaway threads by posting random rumours including whether it’s to do with Ramayan 3392 A.D. MMO, and that Zapak may not be buying but Sony may be selling things off anyway, and a tongue in cheek exposé that SoE is relocating to India.

Because why should we let a good gossip thread go to waste?

And just in case that’s too much SoE here’s a bit of Zombie lovin’ for you all:


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