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Taymar wrote:
I must get out and finish off my Christmas shopping – it’s less than a week away! Luckily, my 13-year-old son offered to fill in for me with this guide for the new Frostfell quest. This is his first quest write-up so feel free to offer constructive criticism in the comments!

Saving Frostfell Guide, by Conot

This is a guide I wrote for the Frostfell quest, Saving Frostfell.

This quest can be a pain at times for some lower levels. If below lvl 15 I would get someone to guard you on your way around with this quest.

Go to Frostfell which can be accessed through a magic wardrobe found in different places from different towns. Then head down to the big tree which is viewable if you walk to the edge of where you are. Then get the quest from Queen Bunny who is on the far side of the tree. After receiving the quest head back out.

Now you need to travel to Faydwer, which is reached by boat from the Nektulos and Thundering Steppes docks.

From Neriak, you need to go to the docks near the Dockside Markets Take a magic crystal to Nektulos Forest docks where you then get on the boat that pulls up next to you. You get off at Butcherblock and go up to the griffon tower by heading up the slope almost directly ahead of and keep climbing the mountain till you reach the top. If you have already done the griffon quest then then go ahead and take a griffon to Greater Faydark. If not then climb to the top of the post and get a quest from the griffon tamer. Finishing this quest will allow you to get a route to the griffon towers in this zone.

From Greater Faydark you will need to run to the southeast to get to Steamfont. Once you are in Steamfont, go south towards the center of the zone to -642, 132, 950 where a robot will greet you. Climb the wall there to get to Gnomeland Security. If you die, you will arrive at the graveyard just to the right of the wall.

Once you have entered Gnomeland Security you must now find a guard (He has a telescope when you put your cursor over him) and type in the little box the name of the Frostfae we’re looking for (Felonious Frostfae). Once there you will have a short sequence where you will lose ten silver. It now says you must find the McScroogle’s Company HQ, to do this you must first descend the mountain (You can climb back down the way you came up but if you are a fae or arasai or posses a slowfall or hover ability just jump off the edge) And you should end up back in the graveyard of Gnomeland Security.

From here it is necessary to first take a left at the robot as you did when climbing the mountain but this time stick to the path and head for Klakanon. You should reach the area said to be where the McScroogle’s Company HQ. Do not go through the great big massive door but instead look within a very close vicinity of the big door and you will see a manhole. Click on this to enter the HQ.

The HQ is single player forced so from here on out you are on your own. Travel down the passage at the left when you reach a lever and a closed gate. Click on the lever and enter the code (Don’t bother to memorise the code from chat, it offers it as an option). Then click on the lever again to open the gate.

Immediately you will see a notice board and a small box in front of you. The notice board is just a gag rather than essential to the quest, the box on the other hand is important. Click on it and you shall harvest some “Explosive Material”. Now simply walk forward until you see another lever and notice board. This is where you get to your battle station readiness. As the notice says, once the lever (referred to as a “fire alarm”) is set off security bots will appear. Once you are ready pull the lever to see all the goblins run away and (*gulp*) the security bots appear. They will typically be a level below you or equal to you. Now this is the difficult part. You must now destroy all the scribing desks using the explosive you picked up earlier. Simply click on a table and it will be exploded as long as no interruptions occur. The bots are melee but they do not repop so do not be afraid to take your time. Once all the desks have been destroyed, Mr. McScroogle himself will appear and challenge you to a fight. Coercers may wish to keep one robot for this battle and become long range support instead. Once defeated, McScroogle will talk to you . Now you are able to return to Queen Bunny. I recommend using Call to your home city for a quick exit. Then go back to Frostfell and receive a ridiculously silly hat.


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