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Keystrokes in LotRO that I couldn’t live without

[Backspace] to target nearest the NPC. If you use [Tab], you get the NPC closest to your current target, not the NPC closest to you. That makes it easy to tab out of the encounter accidentally. [Backspace] will always give the NPC closest to you. If you are already targeted on the NPC closest to you, it will leave your target alone.

[Delete] to target the nearest object. This is critical for gathering – hit [Delete] to target the node and highlight it. If you are really lazy, you can then type /follow to walk straight up to it. You can also use this trick to find chests quickly in bandit ruins and goblin camps.

[Alt-F10] to turn on a lantern. It only works in 3rd person mode but adds a glow of light around your character and makes it a lot easier to see.

[Shift][Right-Click] will auto-loot corpses so that you don’t have to click through confirmation boxes. You can use this for gathering as well to take everything from the node at once.

[Shift] whilst clicking on items on a merchant will buy a stack of those items at once.

[Shift][Ctrl] [/] (or [Ctrl] [#] on European keyboards) makes all the game windows visible and unlocked, so you can move things around to where you want them. The same key combination again will undo them.

Also, you can put pretty much any command into a hotkey by using the /shortcut command followed by the numeric location for the hotkey and the command of your choice. The locations for the normal hotbar are 1-12. The Control hotbar locations are 13-24, the Alt hotbar locations are 25-36 and the Shift hotbar locations are 37-48.

I always leave [Shift][=] free so that I can drop hotkeys in there and then drag and drop them to where I want them. That way I just have to remember 48 as a location.

For example, to make a hotkey to follow another player, type in the following:

/shortcut 48 /follow

Now if you press [Shift][=], you will /follow on your current target. Drag the hotkey and drop it onto the slot of your choice and now you can make another one:

/shortcut 48 /listchannels

Now [Shift][=] will give you a listing of the chat channels that you are in. Handy, huh?

Note that you can’t use shortcut for something like ;loc, because it will store your current loc at the time when you created the hotkey. See our guide for putting ;loc on a hotkey for details of how to make this work.


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