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Kunark has three new collections which are based on collecting static pages in order to gain a book. Once you receive the book, you will be sent to speak to an NPC who will then give you a quest. The quests reward you with a new language and a house item as well as around 22 gold. The Mysterious Red Tome is the only in-game mechanism to learn Di’Zok. The quest also rewards you with a house item and some gold.

You need to collect eight scattered pages in Kylong Plains. The locations are not exact but the pages do respawn very quickly and will be within a couple of feet of the location given.

The first four scattered pages are in the northwest section of Kylong Plains, around the giants’ camp of Karatun Hold, north of Highton.

Page Location Description
1 642,263,-2296 on wall, east of the Hold
2 712,249,-1925 nook near the SE corner of wall
3 888,200,-2092 between the posts south of the Hold
4 1184,143,-2514 NW of the Hold

The final four scattered pages are in the central section of Kylong Plains in a fairly wide area.

Page Location Description
5 338,56,-507 North side of Karnor’s Castle
6 671,44,-623 Giant area NW of Karnor’s Castle
7 878,35,-175 SW side of river
8 135,66,188 North side of Ru’Kaus Tower

Once you have collected all the pages, hand in your collection to Galadwen Dawnbreak in Teren’s Grasp, -1930, 480, -768. You’ll receive experience and a Mysterious Red Tome which can be placed in your house.

The Mysterious Red Tome is written in Di’Zokian but if you read it you will see that it is the Property of Emissary Glochk and you will receive the level 70 quest Locate the Legate.

Emissary Glochk is hiding in the northwest area of Kylong Plains, south of the Highton at 1125,151,-1900. Don’t be tempted to jump off of the Sokokar to get to him, you will land in the Gash and he is up top. Just cross the log bridge at the Sokokar post and then run south to find him.

He seems less than pleased to see you but then offers to teach you the basics of the Di’Zok language in return for completing the level 72 quest Bones, Bones, Everywhere Bones to kill skeletons. There are plenty of Greater Spurbones to the south of you: kill 15 of these to fulfil the quest.

Report back to Glochk who will give you a questionable tutorial in Di’Zok, a house item and some gold.

That’s the third of our mysterious tome series. You can learn Sathirian from the Mysterious Black Tome and Froak from the Mysterious Green Tome.

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