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The first faction you will come across when you enter the Fens of Nathsar from Kylong Plains is Riliss. Assistant Vihl is standing at the guard tower and would like your help with the quest Handed Down, collecting items from the local wildlife.

Once you have done this quest you are no longer KoS and can start the quest lines in the other locations. Assistant Vihl will give you the quest Vihl’s Errand to go to Sathir’s Span to start you off.

Getting Faction

The fastest route to faction is to follow the various quest lines given by the Rilissians, with a concentration in Sathir’s Span and in Riliss. The Riliss quests generally offer between 2,000 and 5,000 faction each. Various quests open up other quests so it is worth checking the quest hotspots a few times as you progress.

You can get a large faction boost from a single non-repeatable quest. You should travel to -729,145,677 at the Western Pens and click on the clipboard on the wall behind Keeper Gresrik. This will offer you the level 74 quest, Hard Knock Life. Take the Sokokar to the Eastern Pens and then head north-east to -2135,15,705, just east of a small pond. Emancipator Kruppmet appears to spawn here once per game day, although I wasn’t able to prove any of the popular theories for hastening his appearance and it is not a straight-forward timer. He is a level 74^ solo mob. Once you have killed him, return to the Western Pens and speak to Keeper Vellis for your reward of 10,000 faction and a leather shoulder piece.

Ziveth Vraeth, inside the guard tower at the Ruins of Cabilis, has a repeatable quest for 250 faction, More Territory, More Problems, but only if you speak Sathirian. You can learn the language by collecting pages from the Mysterious Black Tome and doing the resulting quest line.

If you have a tradeskill above level 65, you can speak to Greeblentus in Teren’s Grasp for the New Lands, New Profits quest in Kylong Plains which will give you a small amount of faction with Riliss and Bathezid’s Watch. This quest opens up the tradeskill writs available from Preparations Officer Zekilius in Riliss which you can do for 750 faction each until you reach 30,000 faction. To raise your faction beyond 30,000, you will have to do the adventure quests or kill the appropriate NPCs. It may be possible to tag mobs outside of your level range to gain the faction hit.

Sarnshaks, Cabilisians and Freed Krupps all give positive faction with Riliss and no negative faction hit. Bathezid Outriders and Subverters give positive Riliss faction and negative Bathezid’s Watch faction.

Benefits of Faction

Positive faction with the Rilissians gains you access to their menders and merchants. Unlike Kylong Plains you’ll find the merchants offer you full price for your goods. You should aim to return to your hometown when possible to mend for maximum savings.

Once you reach indifferent faction you will gain a new revive spot west of Riliss, so if you die in the area you can return to their outpost.

Advanced Recipe Books for level 70-75 are available from Klok Zlazx at -763,50,-214 once you have 10,000 faction. Note these are NO-TRADE, so the crafter must have the faction in order to get the books from the merchant. Provisioners can purchase meat recipes only available here: Sathirian Provisioning Reductions and Sathirian Provisioning Infusions. Additionally, there are two sets of unique recipes per tradeskill available at 20,000 faction and 30,000 faction.

At 40,000 faction you can purchase armor pieces from Klok Zlazx at -763,50,-214. See below for the full table of items that he sells.

You can purchase a Rilissian War Rhino Drum from Klok Xe’thas at -1216,34,-120 for 18 platinum. The drum summons a mount with 50% speed which gives a 1% bonus to your Melee Weapon Range.

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  • Sinimin_Sticks wrote:

    I have completed the New Lands, New Profits quest and am able to get the tradeskill writ work order in Riliss, but the work order is for a recipe I don’t have. Where can I buy the recipes for these writs?? Please help!

  • Taymar wrote:

    Sinimin_Sticks: The writ giver will hand you a recipe book which you need to mem. When you finish the writ, the recipes disappear out of your book. Speak to the writ giver, get another writ and he’ll give you a book again.

    I hope that helps!

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