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Kunark has three new collections which are based on collecting static pages in order to gain a book. Once you receive the book, you will be sent to speak to an NPC who will then give you a quest. The Mysterious Black Tome rewards you with Sathirian, as well as a house item and some gold.

For the Mysterious Black Tome you need to find loose pages which are scattered around the Fens of Nathsar. The pages are split into three areas:

East side of the Ruins of Cabalis

Page Location Description
1 -121,42,-966 SW of the Ruins of Cabilis Sokokar Post
2 23,48,-1013 South of the road to the Ruins
3 -41,43,-1255 North of the road to the Ruins
4 -106,-48,-1222 NW of the Sokokar Post

West of Jaled Dar’s Remains at the Field of Bones

Page Location Description
5 -1220,-300,-1266 Southwest of the remains
8 -1192,-320,-1547 on ridge, due west of remains

On the Yha-lei ledges at the Lake Ruins

Page Location Description
9 426,-101,776 East corner of the middle ledge
12 421,-108,750 SE corner of the eastern ledge

Once you have collected all the pages, go to any collections NPC and hand in your collection.
You can hand in without leaving Kunark by visiting Galadwen Dawnbreak in Teren’s Grasp, -1930, 480, -768. You’ll receive experience and a Mysterious Black Tome which can be placed in your house.

If you try to read the book, you see that it is the property of Sethis Kai and you’ll be offered the level 73 quest Find Sethis Kai

Sethis Kai is in the Fens of Nathsar on the Southeast side of Sathir’s Span at -199,-8,1020. He will offer to teach you Sathirian in return for the level 74 quest Feathers for Sethis. Stonebeak cockatrices can be found both north and south of Sathir’s Span but you need to fight them well away from the path as the sentries will KS the mobs from you.

After you have killed 12, report back to Sethis for your language update and a house item.


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