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There is a special winter quest in Lord of the Rings Online to get a Yule-tree that you can place in your garden. It’s a fast and easy run-around quest but it will only be available until Christmas, so don’t miss your chance.

Speak to Hal Hornblower at the Hobbiton Stables. He’ll tell you the terrible news that Lobelia Sackville-Baggins is in charge of the Hobbiton Yule-feast and offer you the level one quest Yuletide Woes.

As soon as you accept the quest, you’ll see your mini-map fill with the golden rings of quest npcs. You can chat to them all but the only person you need to speak to is to the north. On the far side of the bridge you’ll find Ted Sandyman, who refuses to tell you anything.

Your suspicions raised, your quest will update to search for anything out of the ordinary.

Go around the other side of the mill to the wooden platform and you’ll see a piece of paper on the ground (behind the townsperson fishing). Right-click it to get an update saying that you have found an invitation. Seems Lobelia is planning a private party with the yuletide goodies!

Now you need to speak to Mayor Will Whitfoot. Go to Michel Delving where you will find him standing near the banker, at ;loc 33.4S, 75.0W (see our guide for setting up a ;loc alias as a hotkey).

The Mayor tells you there is nothing he can do but then offers you a new quest, The Book of Festival-Law. You need to go to head east to Tuckborough and up the hill to Great Smials at 33.6S, 71.1W. Head left and take the far door. In the library, turn left and you’ll see a glowing bookshelf, right-click it to pick up the book and then dash back to Will Whitfoot.

He’ll give you a further quest, Yule Be Sorry. Return to Hobbiton to find ten residents to sign your petition.

Go back to Hobbiton stables where you’ll see various people ready to sign. Speak to Hal and the stable master standing next to him. Then head northeast and enter the Ivy Bush Inn, where you should speak to Shirriff Robin Smallburrow and Hereward Loamsdown. As you come out of the Ivy Bush you’ll find Daddy Twofoot is on your left. Then go northwest and talk to Postman Grubb. East from there is Holly Hornblower still upset about her pies.

Once you’ll spoken to all of them, you can ignore Sandyman on the other side of the river who will refuse to sign the petition anyway. Run up the hill to 30.2S, 71.5W to get Gaffer Gamgee to sign. Then carry on up the hill to Opal Goodbody at the ovens at the Party Tree.

If you have spoken to all of them, your quest will update. Carry on up the hill to Bag End where Lobelia Sackville Baggins is ranting. When you give her the petition, she points out that you have only 9 signatures. But wait! Marigold Gamgee will then arrive in the nick of time to sign the petition. When the quest updates, speak to Lobelia to get A Happy Hobbiton. She sends you back down to speak to Gaffer Gamgee who will give you your reward.

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