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The Lore and Legend guide is now completely up-to-date with the additions of the Burynai and Yha-lei books in the Fens of Nathsar and the Di’zok book in Kunzar Jungle. Here are the details for getting these three books in Kunark.

Burynai Fens of Nathsar 219,-60,-290

The Burynai Lore and Legend book is in Omen’s Call in the Fens of Nathsar. There is a crate in the northwest corner of the area behind the bar at Omen’s Call, clicking the crate will give you The Tales of the Burynai.

Yha-lei Fens of Nathsar 362,-135,643

The Yha-lei Lore and Legend book is underwater near the Lake Ruins in the Fens of Nathsar. If you take the Sokokar from Omen’s Call to Bathezid’s Watch, you can jump off at the Lake Ruins very near the book location. The Yha-lei are in the water around the area but they do not see through invis. Swim to the location where you will see a pillar with a skeleton floating above it. Click on the skeleton to receive The Coming of the True Creator.

Di’Zok Kunzar Jungle -590,-99,990

The Di’Zok Lore and Legend book is in Outer Sebilis which is an area in the southeast corner of Kunzar Jungle. If you’ve already done the posts in this zone you can get there by Sokokar.

You can use invis to get to the location which is to the right of the Sebilis entrance, behind a pillar. Once you are behind the pillar, you can safely click on the chest to get the Atrebe’s Sniveling Children without getting spotted by the juggernauts.


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