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A World of Warcraft player spotted some interesting openings on Blizzard’s Job Opportunities page : Lead 3D Character and Environment Artists “for a team focused on next-generation massively multiplayer online games”. His post on the WoW forums gathered immediate speculation and a surprisingly rapid response from Drysc, the World of Warcraft community manager:

No, it is an unannounced Next-Gen MMO.

And that doesn’t mean an expansion for World of Warcraft either.

Speculation is now rampant : what does Next-Gen MMO mean and what world will this game be set in. Starcraft 2 releases next year, so the timing could be right for a Starcraft MMORPG to follow it up a few years later. With a science fiction setting and a story line of galactic war, Starcraft would offer a very different flavor from the Warcraft world whilst allowing for different races and planets to be inhabited for a similar styled PvP aspect of the game.



  • Conot wrote:

    Personally I hope it isnt a Starcraft MMO, For reason illustrated by Tim Buckley

    “Part of me had been hoping for a Starcraft MMO, but I also realize that would have been a blessing and a curse. First I think Blizzard would make far more money with a Starcraft MMO (but then it probably takes more to produce), and I think they’d do it well. They have the existing experience and capital. On the other hand, if Blizzard announced a Starcraft MMO, I imagine every other developer on the planet would just quit on the spot. World of Warcraft is already tough enough to compete with for gamer’s free time.”

    In other words. Every other game would probably give up.

  • Starcraft2beta wrote:

    Heh, a Starcraft 2 MMO would definitely not be very good. They made it in WOW but for SC2, I dont think so. Its possible but it would be a little strange.


  • FoxHole80 wrote:

    I remember when games were so simple and everything that mattered was getting the next high score,how far we’ve come.

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