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Our Guide for Lore and Legend Quests is totally up-to-date again with the inclusion of the Burynai and Yha-lei books in the Fens of Nathsar and the Di’zok book in Kunzar Jungle. All the new Kunark Lore and Legend quests appear to have a level cap of 80.

A Lore of Legend quest will show up in your journal (and reward experience) based either on your level or the level cap of the quest, which ever is lower. So if you read the Gnoll Lore and Legend book at level 10, it will show up in your journal as a level 10 book. When you ding level 11, the quest will automagically show as a level 11 quest. The quest will continue to level up with you until you reach level 51 – as the Gnoll Lore and Legend has a level cap of 50, the quest will not level up with you beyond that. If at level 61 you were to read the book and take the quest for the first time, it would show as a level 50 quest. The level cap is of interest if you are looking to do the Lore and Legend quests for experience rather than simply to gain the Master Strike against that enemy.

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