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There’s a very interesting Developer Diary: The Great Angmar Revamp on the official site with a lot of detail about the upcoming changes to the quests there.

Six months after LOTRO’s launch, what are some of the things we’d like to change about Angmar that have come up from player feedback and our own internal reviews? Here are some of the issues we’ve identified:

  • Quest flow is sometimes inconsistent and doesn’t send players to the correct level bands
  • Quest difficulty is mislabeled in many cases, both for Suggested Levels and Suggested Group Size
  • The spawns in Angmar feel out of place (boars again? Really?), and Elite mobs should not share spawn-points with Normal-statted mobs
  • Spawn density in certain locations is too great, resulting in very frustrating gameplay
  • The ratio of Full Fellowship quests to Solo quests is not correct; more Solo quests are required

You can see some of the details of what they are planning by following the link, but the important thing to note is that any Angmar quests that you have in progress will be taken out of your log book when Book 12 launches.

When Book 12 gets closer, we’ll release a list of all the quests that will be removed from your log, and a more detailed breakdown of changes. Admittedly, when you collect the quest again, you’ll be playing the freshly-polished and improved version, but if you’ve collected nine pea-plants and need ten, you might want to just get that tenth one and turn in the quest before Book 12 arrives.

The posts concludes with a reassurance that any quest rewards already acquired will be left alone. There still isn’t a firm date for Book 12 although it has been confirmed that it won’t be until the new year. I’m just waiting for my chance to go fishing.


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