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The servers have come down for Game Update 41 – hurray! You can read the patchnotes on the official Everquest2 forums. Meanwhile, here’s what am I looking most forward to…


This will start the Frostfell activities with some new robes and decorations to look forward to! If you really can’t wait, you can see a preview from Denmother over at EQ2 Trader’s Corner

AA Profiles

The Achievement Profile swapper will finally become available – a crafted item created with a dropped shard. The shard will drop in high level dungeons and raid zones and is tradeable.

The completed item is a no-trade item and must be crafted using the commission system.

The crafter must be minimum level 75 and have 40,000 faction with a tradeskill society in order to acquire the recipe.

The item is a mirror which is placed as furniture. It is only usable by the owner of the mirror in the owner’s own house. On first use, your current AA spec is stored in the mirror. Then you can change your AA to a second spec. The mirror will allow you to swap between your active spec and the stored spec. For more than two specs, additional mirrors would be needed.

Collection Shopping

It’s a lot easier to find missing collection items at the broker – just click the empty spot in your quest journal and you’ll get the results for that item.


Yes, I’m easily pleased. But I know I’m not the only person who has been wanting cups and plates to put on her table. If you feel the same, head over to Thundering Steppes and speak to Duggin Brandywine who will give you a repeatable quest to harvest shrubs. The reward is based on the zone where you harvest and it is 100 food harvests per dish. I’ve got a big dining room to sort out in South Qeynos so I may be a while…


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