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I got tired of trying to remember my way around the travel posts – I know it’s not that difficult but I keep forgetting the connections. It took me 6 trips to get to Ruins of Cabilis yesterday because I tried to get there via Omen’s Call. In the heat of the moment, I made a set of sokokar maps so that I could easily work out a route for any place that I want to go. I might add a zone connection map to it but for the moment, here are the raw maps. If you aren’t able to use the sokokar posts yet, you just have to do this quest.

So, basic maps, just in case I’m not the only one who gets lost. 😉

Kylong Plains probably doesn’t need a map: the only odd place to get to is Jarsath Wastes and by the time you find your way there, you probably know how it all hangs together. But I did a map anyway for completeness.

Kylong Sokokar Routes

I found Fens a little bit more of a hassle to get around. I ended up a bit bewildered that I couldn’t go to Drogan Exiles from Ruins of Cabalis and had to hop around via Riliss and Bellywhumper Burrows instead. Next time I’ll know!

Fens Sokokar Routes

Kunzar Jungle was a bit of a challenge as I could find all the posts but I had to break sneak to use them! There’s a sentry in Outer Sebilis that I’m looking forward to taking out. Other that that, it is pretty straight forward with all the links you would expect. I think we can take it as given that no Sokokar post will ever go to more than three locations, as otherwise the default window size would be wrong.

Kunzar Jungle Sokokar Routes

To be honest, I totally forgot about this until I started to wonder why the Sel’Nok Scout Encampment didn’t connect to anything else. Jarsath Wastes is pretty straight-forward if you consider the Skyfire post as a hub in the middle of the zone only connecting to other hubs. I just need to remember that I can’t get there for Howling Stones.




  • Sixes wrote:

    In Jarsath Wastes, you can now get directly from Danak Shipyard to Skyfire but only one way. This seems to be to save two hops when you come into the zone via the Overthere hammer.

  • Taymar wrote:

    And you can get direct from Kylong Plains to Riliss in the Fens now. I’ll redo the set.

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