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Kunark has three new collections which are based on collecting static pages in order to gain a book. Once you receive the book, you will be sent to speak to an NPC who will then give you a quest. The quests reward with a new language and a house item as well as around 22 gold. I’ll be posting all three tome series this week. The first one, the Mysterious Green Tome, is for learning Froak.

A Mysterious Green Tome

You need to collect eight shuffled pages in the Fens of Nathsar. The locations are not exact but the pages do respawn very quickly and will be within a couple of feet of the location given.

The first four are in the south-east corner of the zone.

Page Location Description
1 -2084,-14,1037 near the Eastern Pens
2 -2580,-84,1382 at the Kunzark Jungle zone line
4 -2385,-36,1564 up the slope
6 -2110,-29,1590 south of the eastern bridge

The remaining four are in the area around Omen’s Call.

Page Location Description
8 30,-66,-297 east of Omen’s Call
9 -91,-66,-215 near the revive point
11 155,-118,-200 near the pier steps
15 155,-118,186 on the beach

Once you have collected all the pages, go to any collections NPC and hand in your collection. You’ll receive experience and a Mysterious Green Tome which can be placed in your house.

The description says that the tome is in a language that you do not understand but if you read it, you will see that it is the property of Jerome and you will receive the level 74 quest Find the Freed Froglok to find him.

Travel back to the Fens of Nathsar and head east to -995,-100,1587. From there follow the path up into the mountains. Jerome is standing with a talkative little fellow called Shorty at -625,-23,1724. You’ll get experience and Jerome will offer you the quest Finicky Frogloks. You need to find collect items for them to eat in return for Jerome teaching you Froak.

All of the items can be found in the building at Omen’s Call.

Item Location Description
Peanutbutter and Jelly Sandwich 223,-60,-285 table near the entrance
Apple 198,-60,-282 behind the bar
Peanutbutter Cookie 204,-60,-269 vase on second table
Blueberry Pie 217,-60,-283 behind the bar

Head back to Jerome and he’ll give you a house item and some gold, train you up in Froak, and coerce you into babysitting Shorty for him.



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