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You can play Daikatana free until December 31st. Previously held up as an example of how wrong game development can go, word now is that it’s not so bad after all.

Gametap writes:

Daikatana delivered on its promise of delivering a huge game of 24 sprawling levels spanning four distinct ages (Ancient Greece, Dark Ages in Norway, futuristic Japan, and a near-future San Francisco). Each level had a suite of unique enemies and weapons, with the only constant being the game’s hero named, uh, Hiro, and his sidekicks Miko and the regrettably stereotypical Superfly Johnson, both of whom fought alongside Hiro. The titular star of the game, the actual Daikatana sword wielded by Hiro, persisted throughout, gaining experience and effectiveness the more players used it. But while the game delivered the supposed flash of its promise, it failed to deliver the substance.

Still, there’s worse ways to spend a blustery day when the roads are packed with Christmas shoppers. Give it a whirl and see for yourself!


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