MMORPG Info Logo Fishing to come to Middle-Earth

There have been a few dev chats recently, with a US Dev transcript available on MMORPG and a EU dev chat on LOTROlife.

Not a lot of new news was released in the chats. Book 12 won’t be available until the new year and won’t include new lands. The good news is that it will allow custom appearances with clothes to overlay your armor and new hairstyles. Guardians will get a revamp. Angmar will become more solo-friendly. Ettenmoors will be expanded. All good stuff but nothing particularly mind-blowing, I thought.

But then something new was let slip in the European Dev Chat: Fishing is planned for book 13! Tens said:

It will be the first feature to be introduced under our new “Hobbies” System. Unlike our existing crafting professions, everyone will be able to advance in the Hobbies they are interested in. If you want to catch fish, you can catch fish!

Additionally, you can expect additional Hobbies to be introduced in later books (and expansions!). (Painting is my personal favorite, but we’ll have to see about that.)

Taymar Meleed was an avid fisher in EQ1 and has been waiting for a game to take advantage of this fun skill in an interesting way. SWG wasn’t bad but it became a little bit repetitious in a way that the much simpler EQ1 system didn’t, which is odd. EQ2 has fishing as just another harvest skill and requires you to keep moving aroiund to find the nodes, whereas I like to find a nice spot and park myself there with a drink and watch the world go by.


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