MMORPG Info Logo News Round-Up

If you’ve still got an active City of Heroes subscription, you may want to take a look at Issue 11: A Stitch in Time. This is a free expansion which allows heroes to “flashback” to story arcs that they may have missed.

Pirates of the Burning Sea have lifted their NDA and encouraged beta testers to discuss their experiences of the game. The open beta has begun and apparently North American players can download and play as of November 7. Hopefully you can just sign up anyway, without some sort of annoying process of proving where you play from. So far SOE have avoided forcing players into separate servers and update schedules but the specific details for Europe and Australia have not yet been released which is worrying.

Scott Jennings slates G4 for loving WoW to excess. There are other games out there doing just fine, thanks!

EQ2Flames claims that Gallenite (Scott Hartsman) is leaving EQ2. LFG has since apologised for leaking the news which has yet to be confirmed.

Apparently Activision and Blizzard have merged to form “the world’s post profitable games business” according to the BBC. Can’t tell you what the official website says, I’m afraid. When I clicked through to read their press release, I was told that I had to accept the terms and conditions of the website in order to view the content. Um, this is PR? Once I stopped laughing hysterically, I pressed decline to get redirected to a 404 page. Nice start, guys.


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