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MMORPGG? Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Golf Game! Shot Online is a free online golf simulation with multi-player action and what rather intriguingly is referred to as “deep role-playing experience” with a strong community focus.

MMOhub have an interview with Christopher Yamauchi about their game which is already a hit in Korea and coming on strong in the US.

At its very core, Shot-Online is a traditional golf game similar to EA’s Tiger Woods series, but the similarities stop there. We also built a unique MMO system that promote community interaction through trading, chatting, tournaments, and auctions. Multiplayer is key in Shot-Online where we have players from all across the globe. We have missions, levels, guilds, stores, clothes, and many other elements you would find in RPGs, but not necessarily a sports game.

Have a look for yourself at or even better, sign up and have a play! MMORPG-info would love a review. 😀


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