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There’s been another flurry of activity regarding housing in Middle-Earth. If you are in the process of creating your own home-sweet-home, then you’ll find these links helpful.

TenTonHammer have a fun link to a Video Dev Diary about player housing.

Interviews on various fan sites have confirmed that Book 12 will be adding support for rotating decorations so you can finally place your bed facing the window! They have also agreed to allow multiple characters the benefits of home ownership such as fast travel and use of the mailbox, rather than just the home-owner. In addition, they’ll be adding in usable decorations (lights which can be lit, perhaps?) and new trophy decorations.

What trophies? Lotrolife has updated their already extensive housing information with a guide to taxidermy. Taxidermists take undamaged corpses in exchange for small furniture items that you can’t get elsewhere, statues of the wild animals (yes, cave trolls are wild animals!) to place in your house. If that’s not your thing, then where to turn for less bloody options for decorating your house?

Rainwhisper has completed an amazing list of all of the Housing Items by Slot which shows you all the different items: purchaseable, crafted, reputation, taxidermy, and even the festival items (you did buy some before the vendors disappeared, right?) so you can find out exactly what is available. And if that weren’t enough, it comes with Rain’s Decorating Guide, showing images of all of these items so you know exactly what you are getting.

So now there’s no excuse for those of you with empty houses – get decorating and open up the doors so that we can come round for a cup of tea and a bit of gossip!


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