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This is a fun little series of quests in Kylong Plains near the docks and gives you a chance to explore the caves without risking your life. It is also a very simple way to pick up the Drachnid Lore and Legend quest.

To start the quest sequence, you need to find the corpse in the bottom of Ryjesium Lake at 580,-17,48. There are KoS fish down there which can see through invisibility and sneak, so go around the lake to the right before going in and be prepared to fight. Right-click the corpse to receive a curious badge.

Inspect the badge and you’ll get the quest The Curious Badge which starts a quest line with Charleston Gnomegomery who is standing near the forge at the docks at 869,12,144. Bring him the badge and he will send you to collect drachnid parts. The Drachnids are level 68-70 solo mobs on the east side of the lake. Kill and loot drachnids until you get all the undamaged body parts and then report back to Charleston.

Charleston will give you the quest Power! to pick up a power train controller from the bottom of the lake near the corpse. You’ll find a large drachnid costume (looks like a corpse) at 575,-16,47. Click it to interact with it and get the controller.

Bring it back to Charleston who will give you the quest Research and a Total-Light Refractive & Reflective Assessor. Hotkey the assessor, run back to the Drachnids and use the Assessor to collect data from 6 drachnids. You do not have to get into aggro range to use the assessor. You can not assess the same Drachnid twice.

Once you’ve assessed six drachnids, head back to Charleston who will give you a final quest The Agent’s Mission Case and a Drachnid Suit. The Drachid Suit gives you the illusion Drachnid and gives you “unmitigated access within the Den of the Widow Mistress” for an hour, with unlimited charges.

The disguise begins to work as soon as you get into the Drachnid area at 679,30,141 and you will find the drachnids are now ally faction.

Put on your disguise and enter the Den of the Widow Mistress. If you don’t already have the Drachnid Lore and Legend book, you should collect that first while it is safe. Continuing on, you’ll find there are disturbing pulsating cocoons in the caves. One of these will be your poor predecessor. I found two locations that worked: -419,42,304 and -423,32,345. Both are in the same general area so I would head down there first.

Once you’ve done that, return to Charleston on the docks to give him the data and he’ll give you a selection of rewards.


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