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LotRO has a great system where you can assign text and actions to specific keys using the alias and shortcut functions. There are a lot of uses for these but the most critical one is to get ;loc into a sensible channel and on a hotkey.

Typing ;loc will give you your coordinates in the game, however it sends the coordinates to the default channel, which is less than optimal. A better option is to send the coordinates as a tell to yourself to avoid spamming strangers. To do this, you want to make a command that will send you a tell with the coordinates. You can do this with the following alias:

/alias ;myloc /tell <charactername> ;loc

So for example, my alias says

/alias ;myloc /tell Taymar ;loc

Now when I type ;myloc it sends me a tell with my current location so that I don’t spam other channels. This is an improvement but ;myloc is a little bit long to type. I could make the alias shorter but it would be more useful to add it as a hotkey.

What you want to do is to make a shortcut (hotkey), assign it to your lovely alias (;myloc) and tell it which key it should be in (48 which equates to shift=).

You can do this with the following command:

/alias shortcut ;myloc 48

Now you will find a hotkey for your ;myloc alias in the final hotkey on your shift bar (that is, shift=). From there, you can pick it up and drop it into whatever slot you want.

I always leave the final slot on the shift set available. I do this so that I can always create shortcuts into 48 rather than working out the correct number. It’s much easier to simply drag the hotkey from there and drop it into the slot where you want it rather than work out which number you need.

Want to know more?

This particular one is a bit odd but because you are adding a hotkey of an alias which calls a different function. Usually you would use /shortcut 48 <command> to add a hotkey.

I found this explanation of aliases and quick slot shortcuts very useful and recommend you read that for more uses of aliases and shortcuts.


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