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Our Druid Ring Guide has been updated to include the locations of the rings in Kylong Plains and Kunzar Jungle. Make sure to dash over and pick up the shrubbery from these two rings.

The Kylong Plains portal is easy to run to: from the docks head to the path at 997,67,-25 and follow it up to the mountains. There are KOS mobs at the turn after you hit the snow but if you keep left you can avoid them easily. Then just head north by northwest until you get to the rings at 1618,458,-803.

It’s a bit more difficult travelling through Kunzar Jungle, a wild and dangerous place!

To get to the druid rings there, stick to the paths and use sneak or invisibility if you can. There is a ramp at -147,-45,28: run up it and then climb the ladder at -227,-24,49. This is the Abandoned Village and you’ll find the druid ring (and a sokokar post) on your left after climbing the ladder.


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