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There is a faction quest for tradeskillers in Kylong Plains called New Lands, New Profits which will open up the ability to do faction writs for the Riliss and for Bathezid’s Watch in the Fens. Once you have gained 10,000 positive faction with either of these you can purchase the level 70 to 75 advanced tradeskill books from their merchants. At 20,000 faction and 30,000 faction there are unique recipes for each crafting class. This is a bit of a tedious process compared to the quests and aimed at tradeskillers who are too low level to progress faction through adventuring. However, the initial quests are fun at all levels and rewards tradeskill experience.

To gain the quest, you have at least level 65 in your tradeskill. Adventure level is not relevant. The quest does not require the sokokar quest as a prerequisite, although it is much easier to complete if you have access to the sokokar travel posts. I have successfully completed this quest on a level 17 inquisitor, although not without a lot of deaths. It is possible if you are very patient and keep a good look out. You may wish to take your clothes off first to minimise repair costs. If you are under level 60, they really aren’t going to be helping you anyway.

Speak to Taskmaster Greeblentus up on the top level of Teren’s Grasp, 2115,520,-910 who will offer you the quest New Lands, New Profits, which asks you to refill the provision caches with emergency rations. To do this quest you must travel to the Fens of Nathsar, a high level zone in the north east corner of Kylong Plains.

If you have access to the sokokar posts (See the tradeskill version of the sokokar quest), you can take a sokokar directly from Teren’s Grasp to Kunzar’s Edge. From there it is direct north to the zone line to the Fens at -816,92,-1030. If you die en route you will land at the Fens zone line and have thus saved yourself the rest of the run. 🙂

To run to the Fens zone line, you will have to dash through a lot of Kill-on-Sight mobs. Run to the bridge at -280,74,-565. The Iksar here see through invisibility so you’ll have to kill or dash through quickly. Enter the tunnels and at the junction turn left. Sprint or clear down the walkway and then head north to -816,92,-1030.

Be sure to click on the Sokokar posts at both sides of the zone lines, Kylong Plains and after you zone into the Fens. Then follow the north-east path up towards the Bathezid camp where you will find the first provisions cache at 790,38,1041. Note that this cache was moved from its initial point so spoilers and maps may show it as further up the path. It has been moved down to make it easier for low-level tradeskillers to reach.

Right-click the cache to refill it and hastily make your way back down before anything nasty eats you. Now you need to make your way to the second cache which is east of Sathir’s Span at the upper edge of the ravine at -799,-128,1169. Stick to paths when you can, they tend to be safer and the guards are usually visible from a distance. If you die en route to here you will land at the Western Pens of Riliss which is the wrong side of the ravine. Unless you’ve done the adventure faction quest at the start of the zone, you will not be able to cross the span to return to the south side of the ravine. I trekked east to the next post (be sure to click both posts for future travel!) to cross the eastern bridge and then ran carefully back west along the path to the cache location. In retrospect I suspect gating home and taking the next boat back to Kylong Plains to start over from the Fens zone in would have been quicker.

The third cache is at -1938,-94,1381 near the eastern bridge. This was the simplest one to access from my experience, however there is the possibility of a named sokokar in the area (Thrasunre). It’s a solo named and you should find adventurer’s happy to clear it for you in the hopes of a nice chest drop. The bridge is a safe area so run there and then once you’ve caught your breath and refreshed sprint you can nip back to the cache to fill it.

The fourth and final cache is at -974,-99,304 heading towards the Riliss camp. From the third cache, cross the bridge and then head north by northwest to get to the cache.

Once you have refilled the cache, you need to return to Teren’s Grasp to tell Taskmaster Greeblentus that you have completed his quest. On this occasion I used Call of the Overlord to get me home and ran back to Greeblentus rather than dare another run across the Fens but I’m a bit of a coward!

Once you arrive at Greeblentus, he’ll tell you that he’ll put in a good word for you with the Riliss and Bathezid’s Watch. You gain 1249 Riliss faction and 250 Bathezid’s Watch faction which means you are no longer Kill on Sight and can travel much more safely down the paths and into their camps.

Now you can travel back to the Fens (see, told you to click those sokokar posts!) and do tradeskill writs to gain faction. The merchants in the camps will not sell to you initially so you will need to purchase the fuel for the combines elsewhere. The writs use a wide selection of T8 harvests.

You will gain 750 faction for every completed writ. If you have high enough level to do the adventurer quests, this is a much faster option.


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