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The Rise of Kunark has introduced a new travel system using Sokokar posts to get from point to point. If you are an adventurer with a level of 65 or higher, you must do adventurer quest line as offered by Borbin Happens.

However, if you have a tradeskill at level 65 or over and you are under level 65 in adventure levels, you can do a separate quest line offered by Jones, his assistant. This quest does not require any killing.

Jones is stood at the dock leading to the Antonica boat, next to Borbin’s Happens at 835,13,255. She will offer you the quest Fangs Away!, begging you to deal with the bags of fangs that the adventurers have been delivering. You’ll receive a recipe book, “101 Things to Do with Fangs, volume 1” which you must scribe to gain the recipe to make fang-tipped arrows.

There is a forge just northeast of Jones on the platform but unless you have local faction, you’ll need to sort out your own fuel, as the merchants won’t sell to you. A “pristine” combine rewards 100 fangs so you should only need to do ten combines to complete the quest.

Each combine requires 5 coal as well as redwood lumber and ferrite cluster.

Once you do that, she’ll give you the quest An Eye in the Sky to take an Essarr Hawk and release it near Karnor’s Castle. You’ll have to make your way carefully to the castle going northwest of the pond and crossing the river. I found the drolvargs were spaced well enough apart that I could avoid them as I edged up to the corner at 454,60,-249 and released the hawk. Then, in my elation, I died carelessly, which at least was a quick trip back to the docks.

Report back to Jones who will give you the quest Sticking My Ore In and another recipe book, “The Giant Book of Ore Imbuing”. You need to make a chest of imbued ore at the forge which again requires redwood lumber, ferrite clusters and smoldering coal.

Once you’ve given this to Jones she’ll give you the quest Preparations for the Rescue along with another tradeskill book, “Escape Artist Essentials, volume 1”. Scribe the book to gain the recipe to create sturdy chain cutters. You need three chain cutters which require ferrite cluster and 5 smoldering coal each.

Hand the items to Jones who will give you the quest Is It Good News? to find out if the attempt to rescue Lynchpin was successful by speaking to Stewlin Vincent who is in Teren’s Grasp at 1975,480,-885. You need to head north by northwest to the path at 1000,67,-26 which will lead you up to the snowy mountains. Take care after the hairpin turn, where yetis may lurk, looking for unsuspecting tradeskillers to snack on. Once you avoid these, you have a clear run to the outpost (harvest the shrub in the Druid Ring as you run past) where you can speak to Stewlin Vincent.

Stewlin Vincent will give you a young sokokar which enables you to use the travel posts. You should use the post next to him to add it to your list of destinations. He sends you to deliver the good news that Lynchpin is safe. The point of this is to give you a safe travel option to Kunzar’s Edge which will also enable you to get to the Fens relatively safely (well, more safely than running from the docks!). Fly to Kunzar’s Edge, hail the NPC and climb down to click the post there to add it as a destination. Now you’ll find you can travel directly back to the docks on your sokokar.

Looking for what to do next? Taskmaster Greeblentus in Teren’s Grasp is looking for people to help out.


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