MMORPG Info Logo Harvest Festival Ends This Weekend

The Harvest Festival ends on the 18th of November! If you haven’t won a horse race yet, you may wish to head over as it is nice and quiet now. It has been confirmed that the horse trader will remain available after the festival, so if you are under level 35, don’t worry! Just remember to set aside six festival tokens, that way when you do the horse quest and get your horse, you will be able to trade it in for a Harvest Festival horse.

I’ll be spending a few extra tokens, buying some extra harvest garden furniture to sell in the future. The items are common and so not worth a lot now but I suspect in a month or two there will be people upgrading their houses (or new players purchasing their first house) who will feel that a goblin statue would be just the thing to brighten up their garden. As the Fall Festival Trader will have moved on to his winter job by then, the only way to get the items will be from other players. So I’ll be waiting for the next housing update at which point I’ll put the furniture up for sale for those people who missed the opportunity. They get interesting furniture that isn’t generally available and I get a bit of extra gold for having the foresight to store some items away. Everybody wins!


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