MMORPG Info Logo Changes to Crafting with Kunark

First of all, don’t panic. It’s not as dramatic as it looks. If you use a custom UI, check to see if it’s been updated for Game Update 40. If not, then you will need to get rid of it as the underlying system has changed.

EQTraders has a detailed write-up of the changes but the key issues are:

Forget the knowledge book. You now get a single set of reactions for your level which update automatically.

Your hotkeys will not work. You can go back to a hotkey system if you wish or use the hotkeys as they appear in the crafting window. These keys can be rearranged in the crafting window but for keys 1-6. If you defocus from the crafting window, hitting keys 1-6 will hit your current hotkey set instead of the crafting window. If you tend to chat whilst crafting, you may wish to make a copy of the reactions on a hotkey bar so that you will react whether focused on the tradeskill window or not.

There are no more interim results. You will either make a pristine or you will fail (and get your fuel back). It is no longer possible to make crude, shaped nor normal items. If it is a combine using a rare and you fail to gain the pristine, you will get your rare back, otherwise you lose your materials and only retain your fuel.

Tinkers and Transmuters have new reactions. If you are a tinker or a transmuter, you need to go to the Butcherblock docks and buy your new reactions. These two tradeskills now have three progress and three durability reactions, just like the other tradeskills but you don’t acquire them automatically.

The level 70-79 essential tradeskill books are bought. You’ll find these for sale at the merchants standing outside of the village tradeskill instances. You can’t buy these at the faction crafting areas (Ironforge)

There are faction quests in Kunark. These reward in tradeskill experience and can also reward advanced books. To start, you should do the quest to give you access to the Sokokar travel. If you have an adventure level of 65 or above, then you need to do the quests starting with Borbin Happens. If you are under level 65 in adventure level but have level 65 or above in tradeskill level, you can do a tradeskill quest instead for his assistant, Jones. This will get you to Teren’s Grasp where you can do faction quests which will be written up in my next post.

No need to equip tools. Your harvesting tools will take effect as long as you have attuned the item and have it in your inventory. You no longer need to swap the tools in and out of your charm slots to gain the reduction time from them.

Harvests stack to 200! The best for last: all harvests now stack to 200 instead of 50, freeing up bank space for tradeskillers all around Norrath.


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