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The first thing to do upon your arrival in Kylong Plains is to sort out your access to the Sokokar posts. You must have level 65 either in adventure levels or in tradeskill levells.

Until you do one of the two quest lines, you can not use the Sokokar posts nor “add” posts for fast travel. There is a separate quest line for tradeskillers to use the travel options but for the moment, here is the quest line for adventurers with level 65 or over.

Start the quest line by speaking to Borbin Happens, Dreg’s Landing Lieutenant. He’s standing at /waypoint 835,13,255, at the beginning of the dock for the boat to Antonica. Just look for the guy surrounded by players.

Borbin will give you a level 68 quest, Cutting Your Teeth by Cutting Theirs, which requires you to kill 12 drolvargs and collect their teeth (each drolvarg has two teeth). Head north east to Karnor’s Castle where you’ll find solo drolvargs level 69 through 71 standing around the slopes leading up to the castle. Head on over to /waypoint 420,20,-145 where you’ll also notice a Sokokar named Lynchpin hiding in the middle of a tree here. She’s important later.

Kill your drolvargs and collect your teeth and then return to Borbin Happens who will give you the quest A Watchful Eye. He’ll ask you to speak to Hailena Hoss at the Dreg’s Landing Sokokar Post, /waypoint 890,10,145.

She will give you an Essarr Hawk to release near the drolvargs. Head back up to Karnor’s Castle to release it. You need to be fairly close to the structure before it will let you use the item, somewhere around here: /waypoint 454,60,-249.

Run back to Borbin Happens at the docks who will then give you the quest My Enemy’s Enemy, which involves going to meet a giant named Hrodryr and placing a beacon near him. You can find Hrodryr to the north in the middle of a tree at /waypoint 636,22,-345. Speak to him to get update, then place the beacon and return back to Borbin.

Borbin will now give you the quest Lynchpin’s Abduction. Head back to /waypoint 420,20,-145, the drolvarg area where you saw her initially in the middle of the tree.

Fight the drolvargs in the tree and then right-click Lynchpin to free her. If you click on her before the drolvargs are dead they will attack you all at once. Once the drolvargs are out of the way, right-clicking Lynchpin will work and she will give you a lift back to the staging post. Run back to Borbin who will give you the quest Here in my Sokokar I feel Safest of All to speak to Stewlin Vincent. Right-click on Lynchpin at the Sokokar Post and you’ll fly to the snowy heights of Teren’s Grasp to speak to Stewlin. Stewlin will reward you with a Sokokar which will allow you to use the Staging Posts.


While you are there, be sure to click the post to add Teren’s Grasp to your list of destinations. Now you can start adding the other posts in the area to your list so that you can travel quickly between them. Once you have visited a post and clicked on it, you can travel to it from the relevant posts that link to it. Note that not every post goes to every other post but routes have been added so that it is mostly logical now.

Other Posts in Kylong Plains:

Post Waypoint
Sokokar Post Kunzar’s Edge 1260,30,472
Sokokar Post Fens of Nathsar 806,91,1036
Sokokar Post Highton 1208,120,-2136
Sokokar Post Jarsath Wastes 1900,157,-2540


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