MMORPG Info Logo How do I get to the new lands?

Hurray! Finally the Rise of Kunark expansion is imminent!

I didn’t finish my list of things to-do but I got a lot done and I’ve cleaned out my inventories and my quest journals and have my characters in position to rush over to the new lands.


The Maiden’s Grace travels between the Antonica dock and Kylong Plains every five minutes.


The Overlord’s Edge travels between the Commonlands main dock and Kylong Plains every five minutes.


There is a griffon tower on a ledge south of the docks, /waypoint 224,85,74. To get there, take the ramp up from the beach at /waypoint 275,25,229. The griffon takes you to Gorowyn, the starting city for the Sarnaks. The Sarnaks are apprehensive to good aligned characters, so it is safe for goodies to enter Timorous Deep this way.

Timorous Deep is a low level starting zone and does not connect directly to Kylong Plains, which is 70+.


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