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My plan was simple: do the Lore and Legend books that still count for experience at level 70 and study the last body part after the expansion launch. I’m only interested in Lore and Legend quests where the cap is level 60 or higher because the point of this is to get experience quick as soon as the cap is lifted, rather than the Master Strike reward. This means keeping an eye on things to make sure I don’t accidentally study the last piece and complete while I am level capped!

The Completing Lore and Legend Quests guide on this site has all the current Lore and Legend mobs with the location of the book to start the quest and the level cap for the quest. I found eleven Lore and Legend quests with a cap of 60 or above which would give experience at level 70:

  • Aviak
  • Brownie
  • Bugbear
  • Cyclops
  • Djinn
  • Drakota
  • Droag
  • Harpy
  • Naga
  • Ravasect
  • Werewolf

Aviak, Drakota, Droag and Ravasect are all even cons quests (that is, they don’t cap until level 70 at least) so it made sense to head over to Kingdom of Sky and do those first. In addition, all but Drakota are popular mobs so I hoped I could buy droppable bits cheap on the broker. First I picked up all the books:

Book Zone Waypoint Description
Aviak Barren Sky -640,9,-535 On the top level of Windgazer’s Hideout on Whisperwind Isle
Drakota Tenebrous Tangle -16,48,-173 On the Temple Grounds at the entrance to the Temple of Scale, a stone bench on the side
Droag Tenebrous Tangle 103,56,13 On the Temple Grounds where the gorgs are, a stone bench on the side of the ruins
Ravasect Bonemire 226,61,958 Rocks in the river on the south side of the island with the Drednever Crash Site, west of the Hive.

Then I looked at the various locations where I could fight the mobs. My mob list is a work in progress so these aren’t all the locations but it does cover all of the level ranges of the mobs that I know of. If you know of other spots where you can kill a lot of mobs quickly, let me know in the comments!

Lore and Legend quests can take a long time; endless killing waiting for that last tooth or eye to drop. On top of that, there was next to nothing on the broker. I guess I wasn’t the only one finishing things off before the expansion. I decided to go for the locations with the lowest level mobs to get through them quickly.

I opted for Drakota first as they are trivial now that there are low-level drakes in Darklight Wood, in the area beyond the vampires. The other option I considered was Barren Sky at the Breeding Grounds where I could do droags and drakes at the same time.

Mob Zone Waypoint Level
Drakota Darklight Wood -23,1,-206 13-14
Steamfont Mountains -987,70,1321 46-47
Tenebrous Tangle 633,-156,272 60-61
Barren Sky 450,195,675 67-68
Barren Sky 480,180,307 Heroic 67-68

Then I went to Butcherblock to do the Aviak L&L. I watched popular videos on Digg while I killed the level 20 Kragploom chick groups up above the docks in Butcherblock, east of the griffon tower with a few down by the druid rings:

Mob Zone Waypoint Level
Aviak Butcherblock 226,0,0 20-21
Tenebrous Tangle -660,133,-134 59-60
Barren Sky 62-66

Ravasects exist en masse but only as experience mobs and they are also the subject of a couple of different guild writs. I made the decision to leave that Lore and Legend until after the expansion when I would get experience for the kills and be able to complete writs for the guild. If you aren’t capped, you could do these anyway.

Mob Zone Waypoint Level
Ravasect Tenebrous Tangle 420,251,-733 61-62
Bonemire 145,66,980 66-67
Bonemire Hive Vornerus 76,99,955 Heroic 66-67
Den of the Devourer Heroic 66-67
Bonemire 948,-115,292 Heroic 68-69

I went back up to the Kingdom of Sky to finish the Droag Lore and Legend in Tenebrous Tangle. I chose to do the level 55 Droag stonesetters at the ruin by the clouds but after a few clearings I got bored. It’s depressing to kill grey mobs that are high enough to create a challenge and there was no one to mentor.

Mob Zone Waypoint Level
Droag Tenebrous Tangle -190,-4,-29 57-58
Tenebrous Tangle Temple Grounds 57-58
Sanctum of the Scaleborn Heroic 62-63
Barren Sky 67,165,300 66-68
Bonemire -245,-344,-26 67-68

In the end, I stopped rather than grind through – this is supposed to be fun, right? Besides, there’s always tomorrow.

Did you get your goals done this weekend? What are some of your favourite places for mass slaughtering these mobs?


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