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MMORPG Info Logo Drachnid Illusion: Unintended Effect

Apparently, the ability to harvest in the drachnid area without aggro whilst using the drachnid illusion as written up in Be a Drachnid for a Day is an unintended side-effect. As Domino has posted stating that the ability to harvest while in this illusion is going to be removed, using the illusion in the meantime could possibly be considered an exploit by other players and set you up for abuse.

The referencing to harvesting in Be a Drachnid for a Day will be removed as soon as the hotfix is put into effect.


MMORPG Info Logo New named in Karnor’s!

Saavedra has posted regarding complaints about Karnor’s Castle not being as good as it could be for a new (and long-awaited) dungeon. The hp of the mobs will remain as they are for the moment: if you feel strongly they should be toned down or simply left alone, you may wish to head over and make a comment to that effect. We should see some better placement of mobs which will make the pullers happy (less fun for the necros, though) and most excitingly, there will be some new named bosses appearing. This is good news now that they are finally dropping treasure!


MMORPG Info Logo Housing Guides

There’s been another flurry of activity regarding housing in Middle-Earth. If you are in the process of creating your own home-sweet-home, then you’ll find these links helpful.

TenTonHammer have a fun link to a Video Dev Diary about player housing.

Interviews on various fan sites have confirmed that Book 12 will be adding support [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Be a Drachnid for a Day

This is a fun little series of quests in Kylong Plains near the docks and gives you a chance to explore the caves without risking your life. It is also a very simple way to pick up the Drachnid Lore and Legend quest.

To start the quest sequence, you need to find the corpse in the bottom of Ryjesium Lake at 580,-17,48. There are KoS fish down there which can see through invisibility and sneak, so go around the lake to the right before going in and be prepared to fight. Right-click the corpse to receive a curious badge.

Inspect the badge and you’ll get the quest The Curious Badge which starts a quest line with Charleston Gnomegomery who is standing near the forge at the docks at 869,12,144. Bring him the badge and he will send you to collect drachnid parts. The Drachnids are level 68-70 solo mobs on the east side of the lake. Kill and loot drachnids until you get all the undamaged body parts and then report back to Charleston.

Charleston will give you the quest Power! to pick up a power train controller from the bottom of the lake near the corpse. You’ll find a large drachnid costume (looks like a corpse) at 575,-16,47. Click it to interact with it and get the controller.

Bring it back to Charleston who will give you the quest Research and a Total-Light Refractive & Reflective Assessor. Hotkey the assessor, run back to the Drachnids and use the Assessor to collect data from 6 drachnids. You do not have to get into aggro range to use the assessor. You can not assess the same Drachnid twice.

Once you’ve assessed six drachnids, head back to Charleston who will give you a final quest The Agent’s Mission Case and a Drachnid Suit. The Drachid Suit gives you the illusion Drachnid and gives you “unmitigated access within the Den of the Widow Mistress” for an hour, with unlimited charges.

The disguise begins to work as soon as you get into the Drachnid area at 679,30,141 and you will find the drachnids are now ally faction.

Put on your disguise and enter the Den of the Widow Mistress. If you don’t already have the Drachnid Lore and Legend book, you should collect that first while it is safe. Continuing on, you’ll find there are disturbing pulsating cocoons in the caves. One of these will be your poor predecessor. I found two locations that worked: -419,42,304 and -423,32,345. Both are in the same general area so I would head down there first.

Once you’ve done that, return to Charleston on the docks to give him the data and he’ll give you a selection of rewards.


MMORPG Info Logo Alias for ;loc

LotRO has a great system where you can assign text and actions to specific keys using the alias and shortcut functions. There are a lot of uses for these but the most critical one is to get ;loc into a sensible channel and on a hotkey.

Typing ;loc will give you your coordinates in the game, however it sends the coordinates to the default channel, which is less than optimal. A better option is to send the coordinates as a tell to yourself to avoid spamming strangers. To do this, you want to make a command that will send you a tell with the coordinates. You can do this with the following alias:

/alias ;myloc /tell <charactername> ;loc

So for example, my alias says

/alias ;myloc /tell Taymar ;loc

Now when I type ;myloc it sends me a tell with my current location so that I don’t spam other channels. This is an improvement but ;myloc is a little bit long to type. I could make the alias shorter but it would be more useful to add it as a hotkey.

What you want to do is to make a shortcut (hotkey), assign it to your lovely alias (;myloc) and tell it which key it should be in (48 which equates to shift=).

You can do this with the following command:

/alias shortcut ;myloc 48

Now you will find a hotkey for your ;myloc alias in the final hotkey on your shift bar (that is, shift=). From there, you can pick it up and drop it into whatever slot you want.

I always leave the final slot on the shift set available. I do this so that I can always create shortcuts into 48 rather than working out the correct number. It’s much easier to simply drag the hotkey from there and drop it into the slot where you want it rather than work out which number you need.

Want to know more?

This particular one is a bit odd but because you are adding a hotkey of an alias which calls a different function. Usually you would use /shortcut 48 <command> to add a hotkey.

I found this explanation of aliases and quick slot shortcuts very useful and recommend you read that for more uses of aliases and shortcuts.


MMORPG Info Logo Druid Rings

Our Druid Ring Guide has been updated to include the locations of the rings in Kylong Plains and Kunzar Jungle. Make sure to dash over and pick up the shrubbery from these two rings.

The Kylong Plains portal is easy to run to: from the docks head to the path at 997,67,-25 and follow it up to the mountains. There are KOS mobs at the turn after you hit the snow but if you keep left you can avoid them easily. Then just head north by northwest until you get to the rings at 1618,458,-803.

It’s a bit more difficult travelling through Kunzar Jungle, a wild and dangerous place!

To get to the druid rings there, stick to the paths and use sneak or invisibility if you can. There is a ramp at -147,-45,28: run up it and then climb the ladder at -227,-24,49. This is the Abandoned Village and you’ll find the druid ring (and a sokokar post) on your left after climbing the ladder.


MMORPG Info Logo World of Warcraft advertisements IRL

World of Warcraft already showed themselves open to mixed media marketing with the Toyota Truck advertisment and the now-famous South Park episodes. This attitude along with an emphasis of usability and easy immersion in the game are clear reasons for WoWs position of dominance in the MMORPG market.

Are these WoW ads with Mr T and William Shatner the next obvious step? I’m not so sure.

I suspect Kotaku is right in that the majority of the target market only knows Mr T from parodies, so I’m not sure how well the ads will work out in terms of bottom line. But I have to admit they made me laugh.

Fun stuff.


MMORPG Info Logo Kunark Crafting Quest

There is a faction quest for tradeskillers in Kylong Plains called New Lands, New Profits which will open up the ability to do faction writs for the Riliss and for Bathezid’s Watch in the Fens. Once you have gained 10,000 positive faction with either of these you can purchase the level 70 to 75 advanced tradeskill books from their merchants. At 20,000 faction and 30,000 faction there are unique recipes for each crafting class. This is a bit of a tedious process compared to the quests and aimed at tradeskillers who are too low level to progress faction through adventuring. However, the initial quests are fun at all levels and rewards tradeskill experience.

To gain the quest, you have at least level 65 in your tradeskill. Adventure level is not relevant. The quest does not require [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo MMORPGs in Development

News wrap-up:

Star Trek has posted a Dev Blog where you can see just how odd some of the developers are. Take a look at for the latest installment.

Mmo Hub updates their ongoing series Postcard from Beta with screenshots from Conan … scary looking stuff.

Pirates of the Burning Seas has been running a weekend stress test and although the content is under an NDA, initial feedback seems to be positive!


MMORPG Info Logo Sokokar Quest for Tradeskillers

The Rise of Kunark has introduced a new travel system using Sokokar posts to get from point to point. If you are an adventurer with a level of 65 or higher, you must do adventurer quest line as offered by Borbin Happens.

However, if you have a tradeskill at level 65 or over and you are under level 65 in adventure levels, you can do a separate quest line offered by Jones, his assistant. This quest does not require any killing.

Jones is stood at the dock leading to the Antonica boat, next to Borbin’s Happens at 835,13,255. She will [More…]