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MMORPG Info Logo Kunark Faction Rewards

The data is still being collected but Kylong Plains, Fens of Nathsar and most of the Jungle factions have their bought rewards listed on the Kunark Faction Rewards table.

Sixes has once again done his magic and made the whole table sortable, so you can find out quickly what chain items are available or simply see which ones are high on INT. I’ve succumbed to two pieces for my ranger once I had all the information laid out so that I could really compare what is available.

The guides for getting faction are also in progress – once I get caught up on those, we’ll move on to Jarsath Wastes – so keep an eye on the Kunark Faction Rewards page as it’s a work in progress!


MMORPG Info Logo Faction for Teren’s Grasp

Kylong Plains has a single faction for adventurers to gain favor with: Residents of Teren’s Grasp. From the moment you arrive at the docks, you will be offered quests to improve your faction with this group.

Teren’s Grasp faction is slightly different than the other Kunark factions. There is no opposing group in Kylong Plains so you will not receive any quests that result in a lowering of Teren’s Grasp faction. The access to merchants and menders is staggered by area, with Dreg’s Landing being most amenable to working with outsiders. However, to purchase items from the faction merchant, you will require maximum ally: 50,000 faction rather than the 40,000 faction required by other merchants.

Gaining Faction

There are multiple quest hotspots: Dreg’s Landing, Teren’s Grasp, Brakthyr’s Post, Kunzar’s Edge and Highton. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Kunark Language Quests

The Rise of Kunark has introduced three new languages to Norrath which must be quested as a two-stage process. For each language, you must first collect the pages from a mysterious tome. The page locations are all static. Once you have collected the pages, you can hand them to a collector NPC who will give you a book in return. Reading the book will give you a quest to find the owner, who will in turn send you on quests to help him. Once you have helped the owner of the book, you will gain the basics of the language.

You must speak Sathirian to do the repeatable quest for Riliss faction at the Ruins of Cabilis. The heroic quest For a Few Coins More (part of the Fists of Metal sequence) requires someone in the group to speak Di’zokian.

There is a full write-up for each tome and the resulting quests on MMORPG Info so it is quick and easy to gain these languages:


MMORPG Info Logo Epic Quests and Weapons

Clockwork Gamer has an interview with Froech, the Senior Producer who took over from Gallenite, with new information about the long-awaited epics. They were delayed from the Kunark expansion but Froech confirms that they are on target for Game Update 42, planned for the end of January. The epic items are all weapons.

The epic quests are described as class-based signature quests. They will be more difficult than signature quests and split into two parts: group and raid. You’ll receive an initial reward for the group stage, which you then hand in when you have done the requirements to receive the reward for the raid stage.

Read the full interview on


MMORPG Info Logo Everybody’s Talking About Sony

Something is in the air at the moment and Sony just can’t seem to stay out of the public eye. Smed has had to work overtime, including phoning and posting on fan sites to get the word out.

First, we had major drama [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo PotBS Gaming Trailer

Pirates of the Burning Sea is in open beta and looks to be coming along nicely. This game trailer gives an excellent view of the game world and the interface. Take a look at this video and see what you think:

Like it? You can sign up to play in the beta via the official website although the Fileplanet download does appear to work regardless of your location.


MMORPG Info Logo Tier 8 Food and Drink

Here’s the list of food and drink made by provisioners in tier 8. Unlike previous tiers, the stats available are not separated by type, for example, you can get +INT food and +AGI drink which did not exist in previous tiers. The longer the duration, the more fuel is consumed to make it: a stack of 5 hour food or drink costs 30 gold in fuel alone.

<script type="text/javascript" src="/js/food.js”>

These tables do not include the faction recipes from Kunark, which are more akin to a buff potion than traditional provisioner fare.

The new thing about tier eight is that the stats change by level; thus both the regen figures (health for food and power for drink) and the bonus to stats increase from level 70 to level 80.

Please select your level to personalize the tables below [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo City of Heroes Winter Event

Everyone is joining in on the fun. Paragon City and Rogue Island have dressed up for a winter event, with every player gaining a new badge and a pair of fuzzy earmuffs just for logging in! There’s a quest to save the New Year as well as races down the ski slopes with the chance to win a gold medal badge.

The Holiday Cheer Temporary Power allows you to give other players random gifts and sounds like a lot of fun. The streets are packed with presents and candy canes for salvaging. You can read the full details on the City of Heroes website. The fun lasts until the 6th of January so get out there and rid the streets of crime and, er, holiday spirit!


MMORPG Info Logo LotRO Keyboard Tips

Keystrokes in LotRO that I couldn’t live without

[Backspace] to target nearest the NPC. If you use [Tab], you get the NPC closest to your current target, not the NPC closest to you. That makes it easy to tab out of the encounter accidentally. [Backspace] will always give the NPC closest to you. If you are already targeted on the NPC closest to you, it will leave your target alone.

[Delete] to target the nearest object. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Saving Frostfell

Taymar wrote:
I must get out and finish off my Christmas shopping – it’s less than a week away! Luckily, my 13-year-old son offered to fill in for me with this guide for the new Frostfell quest. This is his first quest write-up so feel free to offer constructive criticism in the comments!

Saving Frostfell Guide, by Conot

This is a guide I wrote for the Frostfell quest, Saving Frostfell.

This quest can be a pain at times for some lower levels. If below lvl 15 I would get someone to guard you on your way around with this quest.

Go to Frostfell which can be accessed through a magic wardrobe [More…]