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2010 has been packed with new games but thank goodness we have Wukung to help us wade through the titles. His recommendations at last year sorted out the bulk of my Christmas shopping and I asked him if he would be happy to share his views of current games with subscribers to MMORPG-Info. These are predominantly single-player games with a bias towards the Xbox.

A group of reviews balanced against each other can be much more useful for making a decision and we’re hoping to see regular updates from Wukung on games as they are released throughout the year.



Zelda-style exploration with God of War inspired combat though nowhere as good as either in those respects. The pacing of upgrades is off and the games style won’t be to everyone’s taste, though I enjoyed it. Darksiders is decent adventure while it lasts but entirely forgettable.


Bayonetta has the over-the-top combat of Devil May Cry combined with the precise control of Ninja Gaiden. In game flow Bayonetta is the pinnacle of its genre, though I can’t quite get past the extremely silly set dressing which brought down the experience a bit for me.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

I’ve not spent as much time as I would like with this game yet, but there is so much depth I feel I could play it for months and barely scratch the surface. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom feels very much like the successor to the Marvel vs. Capcom series and delivers the same over the top action. Though superficially simplified for example gone are separate punch and kick buttons with simply light, medium, heavy attacks, the system has so many quirks to learn that it doesn’t really fit the quick-to-learn, slow-to-master paradigm any where near as elegantly as Street Fighter IV. Still enjoyable fun and quirky. You will need either Game Cube controllers or classic controller to play this.

Mass Effect 2

Strong plot, great presentation, great game play. I loved the first game, Mass Effect 2 succeeds in improving on it and upping the stakes in the story. While I am a little disappointed with how heavily streamlined the RPG advancement aspect has become, overall the game play is much improved.

Dante’s Inferno

I’ve not spent a great deal of time with this game so I might revise my opinion a bit. It pretty much plays as God of War. I think it has been unfairly compared on occasion: overall I found the handling much sharper and responsive than the first two God of War games. The main selling point seems to be the Horror of the vision of Hell itself. It’s not bad but it doesn’t really do anything special either.

BioShock 2

There is a line in the game about how a joke told the same way won’t be quite as funny. That is pretty much BioShock 2‘s problem. BioShock’s story wasn’t really the one that unfolded as the game played, it was the story of Rapture that you discovered through the environment. BioShock 2 just doesn’t recapture that feeling and it feels very much like it is shoe horning its back story into an already self contained story. What BioShock 2 does improve on is the game play, for example by allowing you to use a gun and plasmid at the same time. The ADAM collecting sub game that goes with adopting a Little Sister is played out too often and adds a lot of busy work that drags the pace down. However setting people on fire, covering them with bees and then hitting them with a drill is a lot of fun.

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

I have to confess I am an Ace Attorney fan boy. If you have enjoyed the series so far then there is no way you will want to miss AAIME (I’m not typing out the full name again). If you have yet to experience the Ace Attorney series this is not a good jumping off point. Despite the apparent departure in structure AAIME is incredibly close in format to the other games, to the point of having the same problems.

Heavy Rain

Basically the same game as Fahrenheit minus the Mayan wizards and crap, so pretty damn good. Heavy Rain sets a new standard in interactive story-telling and even puts Mass Effect 2 to shame on the digital acting front. Where it falls flat is the game part, but that’s not what Heavy Rain is about.

It’s still not the end of March and there is run of promising titles: Blaz Blue, Final Fantasy XIII, God of War 3, Yakuza 3, Red Steel 2. Sadly it looks like No More Heroes 2 has been pushed into April.

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