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There’s something soothing about the confessional – admitting your sins and getting absolution from a stranger. WoW mages clearly have felt under some duress. Gompers started a simple thread entitled Mage Confessions:

I wait till the end of AB,EToS,WSG summons before i except, no table/AI for you!

I PoM sheep on trash pulls so everyone sees I’m the quickest poly in the raid.

10 pages go!

The bulk of the confessions seem to be about damage or sheep. Or both:

i keep my sheep button right next to my ap pom iv frostbolt, so people will always see how awesome i am on accident

Hungry fighters out there should be aware that a surprising amount of the admissions are about tables in battlegrounds:

I confess that when I put up a table in a BG, and it disappears within 3 seconds…

It’s really me clicking feverishly to get all my biscuits, then rapidly deleting them all. Then I blame it on the hunter, and tell everyone my CD is up.

And quite obviously, there isn’t a mage on the server who is truly out of reagents:

When people ask me for ports, I tell them I’m out of reagents, but I’ll be happy to port them if they go bring me one. The ones that actually do this, I give a port to. I usually end up with extra reagents, and a tip on top of it, which I just don’t understand.

Gompers wanted 10 pages. It hit that within 48 hours and the thread is now 26 pages, including this admission that any gamer can understand:

3. False excuses I’ve used to leave an instance:
a. Need to take mom to hospital.
b. Need to tuck kids in bed.
c. WIfe tells me to get off computer.

I dont have a mother, kids, or wife… take a hint :)

Apparently rogues and warlocks have started their own versions of the confessional. Luckily nonconsensual PvP is limited to Alliance vs Horde, else I suspect the next mage to claim he was out of reagents might get stabbed through the heart.

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