WoW Icon I won’t kill anyone … except you!

Noor the Pacifist had decided to level without killing. It’s an interesting idea – except that real people don’t count.

It looks like PvP is a huge part of your strategy. Do you foresee continuing to PvP the whole way up? I have to; the repeatable daily battleground quests are the only way to “grind” XP if you aren’t going to kill mobs (not counting the very slow repeatable seasonal quests that you can do each year).

Am I missing something here? I love the idea of playing a pacifist and only doing quests that are based on exploration or delivery. But somehow killing other players doesn’t fit in, for me.

Maybe I’m being overly cynical as it is right on the back of the Save the Virtual Whales post on GirlmeetsWoW – I really don’t understand how you can happily kill pixelated people and object to killing pixelated bears – especially when the cartoon bears are causing issues for the cartoon people who live in the cartoon village you are trying to get faction with.

I don’t know, maybe I need to get a grip.

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