WoW Icon Gold Selling Can Lead to Jail

Via Raph Koster’s blog is an interesting news story about Chinese gold sellers in serious trouble. It seems that following a dispute, one man reported his partner … ending up with them both getting some unwanted attention.

Pacific Epoch reports:

Chengdu’s Shuangliu county has arrested two virtual item and currency traders, surnamed Li and Zhang, focused on tapping out The9′s (Nasdaq: NCTY) licensed MMORPG World of Warcraft (WoW), reports Chengdu Evening News. Police arrested the pair after Li reported Zhang for unfair revenue distribution. Going into business last August, the gold miners accumulated more than 20 employees with 20 computers to generate RMB 1.6 million in seven months of dealing.

Virtually Blind comments:

What happens next is up to the Chinese authorities, but we can bet the pair are hoping for just a game ban.

I’m not sure they’ve actually understood the issue here: it’s not about the game. Unfair revenue distribution doesn’t seem to come up outside of this particular news article, so I’m not sure what Li was complaining about. But Li accused Zhang and then got arrested himself, which I would guess wasn’t part of the initial plan.

Hopefully further reports will be clearer on the detail but it seems a fair bet that the issue is undeclared profits or similar. The money involved (US $230,000) is enough cash to make any government take notice.

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