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Almost upon us is patch 2.4 for World of Warcraft, the last major patch before the Rise of the Lich King expansion and, thus, the conclusion to the
Burning Crusade storyline.

It’s a huge patch in terms of added value and there’s a patch trailer available (see it on YouTube or download the HD Version for PC and MAC). A lot of the test realm changes for the patch have been with balancing aspects for the classes which aren’t currently finalised and therefore not discussed here. So what do we know is coming with 2.4 ?

  • A new area to explore – Sunwell Isle
  • Increase in daily quests
  • New 5 man instance
  • New raid instance
  • Sunwell Isle

Aspects of the Sunwell Isle remind us of the Opening of Ahn’Qiraj, in that it’s the combined effort of the playerbase to open things up. Repeatable quests will slowly change the quest hub from a small camp to a town, opening up vendors and additional quest NPCs.

Increase in Daily Quests

At the moment daily quests are limited to 10 per day. With 2.4 this increases to 25 so all your current quests can be dailies if you so wish.

New 5 Man Instance

The Magister’s Terrace is the new 5 man instance with the usual assortment of trash mobs to kill, unique boss fights and new loot. The end boss of the instance is Kael’Thas. Yes, the boss you kill as a raid in The Eye is now available in a post-defeat weakened state for a 5-man group to kill. Poor chap gets no rest!

New Raid instance

Sunwell Plateau is the raid instance and much like the Isle itself, the instance is slowly unlocked as more players complete the trials within. Killing the bosses within gains an item called the Essence of the Immortals which is handed in to the mages of the Sunwell Isle to help destroy the barriers, giving players access to the inner areas of the plateau and the
fight against Kil’jaeden himself.

The Fury of the Sunwell patch is shaping up to be be a great amount of extra content for both the casual and hardcore playerbase. Parts of the patch are downloading in the background now so it’s hopefully just a week or two until we get the full patch.

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