WoW Icon 25 cows and a Mage

How many level 1 cows would it take to zerg a level 70? Eagle’s Pride decided to put it to the test:

We tried our best to re-create a boss-like fight for level 1 cows to raid. We crunched some numbers, did some tests and balanced it for 25 level 1 cows. The fight had 4 phases, different abilities set off with different macros and emotes. The “boss” had roughly 4000hp, took about 10 mins to kill, did moderate damage to people as you’ll see. Sadly we didn’t manage a way to hold threat or make spells effective against the “boss”.

They’ve put two videos up (boss and raider points of view) although depending on your musical inclinations, you may wish to turn the volume down. The event itself looks like it was a ton of fun – what a great idea! Hats off to Eagle’s Pride for coming up with something new.

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