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Warhammer is almost upon us! If you are a part of the Open Beta it looks like you’ll be playing this weekend! The headstart program begins the following week. The rest of us will have a bit longer to wait with general access beginning on September 18th.

If you are looking for the nitty gritty from beta, you won’t do better than the Classy Gamer Warhammer Online Beta Review.

But what about the classes? There’s plenty of detail about them, too. We’ve made a collection of some of the most useful raves and reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Class Overviews

The Warhammer classes (known as careers) are based around four archetypes: tank, melee, support and ranged. The following guides talk about the classes in general with an overview of the class mechanics from beta.

Individual Class Reviews

The following is Cart’s collection of detailed class reviews – thank you Carts – which might be a little bit biased towards destruction.

And if that is all too serious for you, then head over to Killed in a Smiling Accident to read about The Lost Classes. It had me in stitches but now that I’ve thought about it a bit more, I’m pretty sure Dwarf Beer Master would suit me to a tee.

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